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  1. I was able to complete my collection of Drina books by finding them off ebay - and most of the sellers came from England, which would be great for shipping for you! Here's quite a few I found already... http://search.ebay.com/search/search.dll?f...&category0=
  2. Oh believe you me, I've googled the heck out of this dude and I've yet to come up with a concrete answer as to what company he actually danced with. Some places say the Colorado Ballet, some say the Colorado State Ballet, others say he was just a student... nothing consistent. I have interviews where he talks about dancing, but nothing where he says what company he was actually with. I figured some of the smarties here would know!!
  3. Does anyone know what company Kip Winger used to dance for? He was the front man for the heavy metal band Winger and he apparently danced with a ballet company in Colorado before he hit it big. I believe he even dated a dancer with the NYCB for a dew years as well (totally blanking on her name... but something sort of exoctic). He lives in New Mexico now and isn't a heavy metal dude anymore, I believe he's more into composing classicla music and he was working on some music for ballet for awhile. Anyone have any info on his old dancing days???
  4. Whatever happened to this girl? She was the featured dancer of the book "I Am a Dancer" by Lynn Haney in 1981. She had the quintessential ballerina look even at 13! I googled her and didn't come up with anything. I know she performed in a few of SAB's workshops in the 80's, so I assume she probably got into a company. Did she change her name maybe? Also, what about the two boys of that book, Stephen and Micheal Austin. They seemed like they were going places too.
  5. Wow, that is so bizarre! I meant Lisa de Ribere when I posted earlier and I have no idea where I pulled Reinhard from! I wasn't even consciously aware that she was Barys. wife! (although now that I think about it I can remember her name) Isn't it funny the way your mind plays tricks on you somtimes. I'm still really curious about Tracey Goza and what became of her so I'm going to shamelessly bump this to the top to see if anyone knows what happened to her. Thanks for your answers though!!!
  6. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's ever been curious about this topic, so I'm just going to go ahead and reply to myself, haha. I googled all the real people in that book and pretty much the only results I came up with were for Lisa Reinhard who has been fairly successful with choreography (I saw her Nutcracker by the Milwaukee Ballet and it still remains my favorite version.. I didn't realize until I did that search that she was the one who had done it) I also came up with some results for Kristine Soleri. She is now apparently a ceramics artist and shows her work around the country. I was very interested to see if Tracy Goza came up, but I got no results that looked like they were the Tracy from the book (mostly geneology stuff anyway). Also no results for Dottie Hoeuy, but that didn't really surprise me, she didn't seem to be destined for greatness in the ballet world. (but I loved her mom!) Any other ideas of what happened to some of those other dancers??
  7. I recently found this book in my basement and started reading through it again. I know it's mainly a negative view of the ballet world and I take most of what is written on those pages with a grain of salt. But does anyone know what happened to some of the people she dexcribed in the book? Like Tracey Goza, Dottie Hoeuy (sp?) and some of the girls she describes with pseuds. Especially the girl who's mother was very pushy. Did she ever write more pieces on ballet after that? Or was she permantly banned from all dance performances? lol
  8. Just had to throw in a few points here since skating is my "thing" (job, hobby, passion, you get the idea) - Ice dance boots are cut down lower but then we usually put this rubber material at the back of the skate to replace what we cut off. But cuting down your boot is not always the answer to pointed toes. Sasha Cohen has normal sized boots at the back and she has the best toe point in the business (granted, toe point in skating and "good" toe point are very seperate things ;) ) - Skaters are getting more and more injured these days because of the increased hours that they practice and the amount of pounding that thier body takes. Sasha was out for half a season with a very bad back. I believe she had stress fractures. Tara Lipinski has such bad hips that she has basically retired from skating all together. She had a hip surgery a year after the Olympics in 98 (bascially a hip replacement) and just last year had surgery on the other hip (same thing). I don't think we'll see her back out there again. Her body just can't handle it anymore. Alexei Yagudin also just retired from amateur skating (he did his farewell at Skate Canada... the Russin federation was VERY unhappy about the fact that he didn his farewell in Canada and not Russia) Such a loss, but again, he had to retire because of injuries. - Sarah Hughes has quit skating and is now at Yale, I doubt that we will even see her on the professional tours for the next few years, if ever. Not becasue of injury, but just becasue she's ready to move on. -(there were more things I wanted to put my two cents in about, but I've forgotten what my so very very important thoughts were, lol) lunatick
  9. I just wanted to make the happy announcement that I just obtained a copy of Drina Dances in Paris from ebay and have now I have the complete set!! YEA!!! Oh, and also thanks to the posters here for the info about the Sadler Wells books! I just ordered a few of thoses books from ebay as well! I think I have a new hobby... collecting old ballet books.... wonder how much THIS will cost me?? lol
  10. I know that many Julliard graduates have gone on to successful carreers with modern dance companies. But have any of their graduates gone on to dance with a major ballet company?? Even though it's more common to enter a ballet company young, there have been stories of ballet dancers enjoying a healthy college life and then a healthy dancing career (ok, I can NOT figure out how to spell career to save my life, obvioulsy I've had too much DayQuil) umm, what's her name with the Milwaukee Ballet.... argh. I'll think of it later. Actually... does anyone know Julliard's percentage of placement in companies with thier dance students, in any sort of dance company. The one thing about Julliard that always baffles me is how expensive it is!! And to think of trying to pay off that debt on a dancers salary seems downright nuts! I'm not terribly familiar with some of their recent graduates and the only one I can think of that's had a long term job with a cmpany is Amy Young of Paul Taylor. (but I know there must be more....) ::runs off to take more DayQuil::
  11. I read Farrell's book long before I ever saw her dance (and then only on tape of course). When I first read her book, I was fairly younf, so perhaps that's why the writing style never bothered me. After seeing "Elusive Muse" and some other tapes of her dancing, I revisited the book and fell in love with it all over again. This time I found the writing style to be almost humorous.. very tongue in cheek I guess. My question is: How could she possibly write like she danced?? It's so cliche, but it reminds me of "how can you hold a cloud and pin it down" I don't see how she could possibly have translated her dancing style into a literary style. I like that the way that she writes (or Toni writes) is simple and almost sing-songy. If her biography had an "elusive" quality like her dancing, I don't know that I would enjoy it that much. What I connceted to was the human quality the book shows, the way she took this myth that was "Suzanne Farrell" and made her into just plain Suzanne Farrell. It inspires me to think all things are possible (now how cliche is THAT!!)
  12. LunaTick

    Aesha Ash

    Thanks for the link Ari! I had a feeling there had to be "some thing" out there! Wow, she's been a corps member since 96! It seems like just yesterday that she was dancing Rubies in the SAB workshop! Time flies, but I guess I can understand now why she's leaving, I hadn't realized it had been that long. Here's hoping that Bejart schedules a wonderful American tour so we can enjoy Ash as a soloist!!
  13. LunaTick

    Aesha Ash

    I was browsing through some of these threads and I noticed someone mentioned that Ash is on her way to Bejart's company. I searched throughout the forums for some kind of explanation, but couldn't find one. I'm sorry if this has already been discussed, but.... Has Ash given any sort of explanation for why she is leaving NYCB to join Bejart's company? Not that I think it's a bad move, I'm just surprised (and very disapointed that I won't be seeing her this winter!)
  14. Here's a question for the NYCB old timers (coughfarrellfancough). What was the general reaction to Farrell's book when it was first published? Not being around for her career, I really don't know how her relationship with Balanchine was perceived by the public and the otehr NYCB dancers. Was this book a revelation?? Or was most of it common knowledge by the time it came out? Did people ever "forgive" her for taking up all of Balanchine's time, or were the other dancers still upset with her?? (or were they REALLY ever upset with her... she suggests an alienation with the company due to her favored status, but was that true, or was it just her perception?) Another thing, I guess I always assumed that she and Peter had problems throughout thier performing days, but it's really only hinted at in the book. Was she trying to be polite in her book, or were they realy on friendly terms during those days?
  15. I have another book by Estoril, "The Ballet Twins" I think it was originally published as "We Danced in Bloomsbury Square". Is anyone aware of a sequel to that book? (It was about two fraternal twins from Liverpool who receive scholarships to the Lineraugx (sp?) ballet school. Not quite as uplifting and prim as the Drina books, but wonderful.
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