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  1. Sadly, nor do I. Hopefully those that really want to can listen to WOR or the other classical station in Dallas.
  2. Lucky, lucky you, Golden Gate! I considered keeping my daughter out of school for 4 days so we could see this in Denver. School had a hissy, so :yawn: , here we are back in south Texas where these kinds of avant garde productions NEVER come. Am anxious to hear your review.
  3. Beautiful Barbara Bears is one of mothers at Houston Ballet who is still dancing.
  4. I'd like to thank you, too, vagansmom! Things loom a bit large sometimes for those of us who don't have a lot of experience to put things in perspective, (which would be me).
  5. I'll start off by excusing my lack of artistic knowledge of ballet. My knowledge is limited but growing, thanks primarily to this site. I live in South Texas. We drive to Houston often because we have next to no funding for the arts here. It's bitterly sad. We're getting a golf resort and Toyota, but nobody wants to give a plug nickel (or so it seems) to the arts, ballet in particular. Or such is my experience, anyway. I worry that this short-sighted attitude might also be prevalent in Houston, i.e., will Stanton Welch's wonderful contemporary ballets be the big draw that Stevenson's cl
  6. Well, now I'm wondering if she was shooting straight with me at all?! I do tend to give one the benefit of the doubt unless I have good reason not to, but I'm relieved to hear many others heard the opinion and were of the same mind I was. Not funny, AND not knowledgeable about ballet (I had actually forgotten that connection). If NPR pulled it out of the archives to fill air space, that only sinks them further in my mind for trying to appeal to the skater dudes out there by taking a swipe at ballet.
  7. Don't know if this will interest anyone or not, but on one of the day's links over the holidays (I know, I should tell which, but I'm in too much of a hurry just now ), the same reporter who did the Nut-trash opinion on NPR did another story on a dancer in her area -- one who practices the martial arts. It was a very well-written story, IMHO. A story that revealed a bit more respect for the demands of ballet, I thought. I saw her link at the bottom and I emailed her that I enjoyed her story about this dancer much more than her NPR opinion and I was surprised to find out that she used to b
  8. I guess the impression I'm getting these days (I listen to only NPR basically) is that the current political administration is pushing for NPR to correct its "liberal bias" which irks me to no end. I don't want to get political but this is exactly the sentiment I felt that came across with this opinion piece. They selected this piece to cater to those in the NPR listening audience that feel like a little less of an "artsy-sounding" piece might make them more appealing to those who see NPR's basically neutral stance as being "liberal." I fear for the future of NPR, frankly. I think they are
  9. carbro -- I'm having trouble with using multiple systems and registration. Apologise for the post. Just trying to figure this out. Members below age 18 may not post their e-mails, but anyone else may -- at their own risk. Remember, our readership is not confined to our membership. <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  10. Amitava -- I was just reading your posts about wanting to see a production of Nutcracker where you aren't behind the camera. Since I see you're in Austin, you might be willing to consider popping down to San Antonio to catch Ballet San Antonio's Nut this weekend (Dec 15 - 18). We're always looking for good action photographers. This year is spoken for, but if you'll PM me I'll tell you how to find me at the performances and leave me one of your cards. My DD's fellow dancers at Ballet San Antonio love coming up to Ballet Austin and taking the open class when they're not rehearsing.
  11. Wish I knew how to post a link. Apologies, but felt this was important since I haven't seen a link to any NPR commentaries under the "Links" section. Yesterday, December 9, NPR ran a radio commentary by a reporter named Tonya Barrientos at The Philadelphia Enquirer titled "I Hate the Nutcracker" that I felt should be listened to and commented on by Ballet Alert members. Usually I have a lot of respect for NPR opinions aired, but this one was unbelievably bad. It's on the NPR.org site for today, December 9. Please consider putting it in the Links forum. Thank you.
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