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  1. I saw the Sunday matinee performance with Mimi Hassenboehler and Nick Leschke in the lead roles. They were both amazing, I thought. Sharon Teague and Ian Cassidy were Valencienne and her lover. I had never seen Sharon dance a lead role before and her pas in the 2nd act was well performed and well received by the audience. I found the costuming and the staging to be quite beautiful -- especially the act in the ballroom. Very turn-of-the-century Paris. I had never seen a ballet performed in only long gowns before. Found it to be a bit distracting, honestly. I kept wanting to see the legs
  2. I want to add my thanks to EvilNinjaX. I am no ballet critic, so I hesitated to post my thoughts and gush, as I no doubt would have. I also saw the Thursday performance and loved every moment. Much to my shame and humiliation, I admit that this event passed largely unnoticed in the local media. I couldn't even find a review to attach without embarrassment.
  3. Wow! I remember Kevin Gael Thomas and Antoine from Houston last summer. Both very fine French dancers!
  4. EvilNinja, PM me and I'll "recommend" until the world looks level. Here's a link for the Sleeping Beauty performance in Mexico City, Memo. Ticketmaster. This is in Spanish, though. http://www.ticketmaster.com.mx/event/14003...p;minorcatid=12
  5. Here's the link to the San Antonio Convention and Visitor's Bureau, for those interested in making the trip. Our gorgeous Riverwalk hotels are within walking distance of the theater. http://www.sanantoniocvb.com/ Please mention this forum when you buy tickets.
  6. The press I've read says they're stopping in only 2 places in the U. S. -- Philadelphia and San Antonio. I believe the tour is mostly focusing on Mexico. They're performing in 3 cities there -- Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Puebla. Wonder why not Monterrey?
  7. Thank God above that San Antonio was selected for this gracious gift from Heaven. Forgive my gushing but I'm trying not to hyperventilate at such a wonderful opportunity for our city. Here's the link to get advance tickets and avoid the ticket "monster". http://www.artssanantonio.org/performances...event.asp#13695 Ask for Laurie. You may call (210) 226-2891 or email Laurie personally at laurie@artssanantonio.org
  8. Thank you for that translation bart! My Spanish is not even marginal. I got the gist, but certainly not the specifics. Muchas gracias.
  9. bart -- I'm posting a link to a Monterrey newspaper. It was the most current I could find. http://www.elporvenir.com.mx/notas.asp?nota_id=122933 Hope your Spanish is passable.
  10. bart -- I don't have any official news but this is surprising. I saw BdeM at their performance for Monterrey week in Washington DC and did not sense any changes of this sort from where I sat. Quite surprising indeed. Luis and Katia guest for our local company often.
  11. Armando was last-minute guest artist for Ballet San Antonio during Nutcracker season and we thoroughly enjoyed having him! He is quite a talented/energetic artist. I wish him well as he soldiers on. Very sad that ANB closed. Our ballet company took in its lowest amount ever this year. Very sad after such hard work and sacrifice by so many people.
  12. Sadly, nor do I. Hopefully those that really want to can listen to WOR or the other classical station in Dallas.
  13. Lucky, lucky you, Golden Gate! I considered keeping my daughter out of school for 4 days so we could see this in Denver. School had a hissy, so :yawn: , here we are back in south Texas where these kinds of avant garde productions NEVER come. Am anxious to hear your review.
  14. Beautiful Barbara Bears is one of mothers at Houston Ballet who is still dancing.
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