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  1. Thanks! Ratmansky is right. I'm thinking Conrad is probably not dancing topless or wearing a plumed headpiece.
  2. While thinking about the Bolshoi's Le Corsaire in cinema coming in a few days, I've been wondering of Ratmansky's elimination of Ali means we do not see the famous Le Corsaire PdD? Or is it danced by the main characters?
  3. I have no interest in Millepied's works either. "Follow the money" may sound cynical but also seems like the truth. I'm skipping the whole season.
  4. I can't know what you're thinking really, but after seeing your first post, I recalled reading about a brilliant dancer who died young of AIDS. I didn't remember his name until I saw your link. I saw Stierle in NY and he was indeed an incredible dancer.
  5. As would I and many others. It does not sound likely. Would Part even want to go back to ABT after being dumped?
  6. I thought at one point in early spring Veronika had been listed for an Onegin. I don't love that ballet, but would gladly see her in it ... or in anything.
  7. The email below from NYCB confirms the addition. Sorry I probably can't get to see it. "In celebration of Robert's NYCB career, Peter Martins has added Duo Concertant to the All Balanchine program on the final two matinees of the fall, where Robert is scheduled to appear alongside Principal Dancer Sterling Hyltin. We anticipate high demand for these performances, and we encourage you to purchase tickets now if you would like to be in attendance. "
  8. NYCB tickets are sold at discount on the day of performance at the Rubenstein Atrium Atrium DiscounTix lincolncenter@lincolncenter.org. I'm not aware of discount ABT tix being sold other than possibly TDF. The second ring center seats in the State Theater [AKA K**h] are terrific, especially in the last row where there is no one behind you. Center section third ring is quite good in the front, if they're selling third ring.
  9. I agree with others here who loved the originators and prefer to see dancers of similar body type do Other Dances. Back in the day, I saw Baryshnikov/McBride do Other Dances and they were wonderful. I can't imagine Seo in this role; she just doesn't seem to have the intensity.
  10. I agree that flat videos are a pale imitation of the visceral theater experience. Makarova, Farrell and Kirkland are my favorites. None of them have a huge presence on youtube, although lately I'm seeing more of Makarova in the USSR. Unfortunately I never saw Kirkland live. I'm smiling at this: Though at least the quality of the picture is a lot better for dancers who emerged in this century.
  11. There's a clip on youtube of Kirkland and Baryshnikov in selections from Other Dances. Although she's very different from Makarova she seems to be channeling Makarova in one of the solos. Also recently posted on youtube is also a fascinating comparison of the ballerina's second variation that compares Makarova with Kirkland, Arbo and several others.
  12. Thank you, Golden Idol. Very well said and I couldn't agree more. All the other points are really secondary. The bum's rush isn't elegant English but it's certainly eloquent.
  13. I agree. It's well known that the nameless critic was incapable of appreciating Part. That adjective "statuesque" has never sounded like a compliment to me.
  14. Thanks to all who reviewed Part's final performance and for all your comments. Watching the curtain calls on youtube was painful, and Part's embrace of Ratmansky, Kolpakova and Gomes seemed qualitatively different from her contact with KM. I don't know how she maintained her stoic and professional demeanor in receiving his "embrace". I hope the true story of what happened will emerge.
  15. I signed the petition and will pass it on to other dance lovers. Not to be cynical, but I don't think the petition will have any influence. The AD has already shown his lack of regard for Part in numerous ways.
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