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  1. I second that. I always applaud the dancers even if I dislike the ballet. I don't think sending a message to the choreographer really works.
  2. I read the book and thought it was a better than average spy novel. It was quite violent and gory and over the top.
  3. I saw it only on TV but I was revolted by the slap. What does that add? Zilch. I never want to see the ballet again. Martins' solution to the slap being described as "amazing" by Tracey is really laying it on thick.
  4. This discussion has nothing to do with "safe space mentality". It's about what John Copley said to the chorus member. What anyone thinks the chorus member should have said is really not relevant.
  5. kfw said: They can always be brought back if they're proven innocent, but in Weinstein's case I wonder if anyone in the world besides Weinstein claims he's innocent. I don't believe a person can be proven innocent in a court of law. I think there are two legal cases against Weinstein currently being developed. No matter what happens down the line, I'd say his a-- is grass.
  6. I'm in complete agreement with Aurora and with Nanushka's very articulate posts. Some of the comments "defending" Copley's remark, overtly or essentially, are really mind blowing and to me also signify a lack of understanding.
  7. I also am having increasing difficulty understanding why it's so hard to grasp that Copley's remark was inappropriate, and why people think it is acceptable to criticize the chorus member's reaction, why they think that it would have been more adult for the singer to laugh it off, why they think Copley's age is relevant, etc.
  8. There's nothing innocuous about what Copley said, and as someone else here said, it's not "banter" unless both individuals enter the ring.
  9. Well said and I couldn't agree more. Koch cannot buy integrity or quality with his billions.
  10. I'm with you. I'll never call it the D**** H. K*** theater!
  11. Oh, I stand corrected! I was just looking at the spring schedule and I do now remember the mention of SPAC. Clearly I was reading inattentively. That is definitely a stinker schedule with 3 performances of R & J out of 7.
  12. Juliet, I agree completely about R & J. However, Coppelia is coming up in the spring season. I look forward to that!
  13. Just to insert my two cents: I saw the broadcast of DQ and I thought Smirnova was weak and insecure as Dryad Queen.
  14. Fondoffouettes said: So is the Martins R&J not totally dreadful? I've only watched the videos Kathryn Morgan has posted of herself in it, and the choreography seemed somewhat repetitive and unimaginative. (BTW -- I'm not a huge fan of the MacMillan R&J overall, but it has it sublime moments.) I don't think I can sit through the Martins Swan Lake again, no matter who is cast in it. Sleeping Beauty is less offensive, but perhaps more disappointing because of all the cuts and odd pacing. Canbelto, I think you once called it a "drive-through Sleeping Beauty," which is such an apt description. I can't wait for the day when NYCB's full-lengths by Martins are replaced. Many of ABT's full-lengths have their own flaws, so I'm eager to see new alternatives at NYCB, ideally ones that allow the dancers to truly become the characters. I agree completely! I am not a huge fan, or even a fan, of the MacMillan R& J, although I'll watch Makarova in it. I never want to see the Martins version again. Nor do I really want to see his Swan Lake or SB again. Drive through is a good description of SB. So rushed. I wonder though if NYCB will delete all the Martins full length ballets. Swan Lake seems to be popular.
  15. My wish list is Pavlova, Nijinsky, Leclerq, Sizova, Soloviev, Kirkland, and Martha Graham. I was thrilled to see Makarova, Baryshnikov, and Farrell, who remain for me the god and goddesses of dance! I saw Villella, D'Amboise, McBride and Kent; only Villella was young but the others were still wonderful. I saw Plisetskaya dance Dying Swan when she was over 60. It was memorable. I would have loved to have seen her in Don Q!
  16. I'm enjoying all these reviews too, especially since I won't be seeing any performances until early March. Thanks to all.
  17. I saw Farrell in the 70s and 80s and I'm still completely besotted by her! The quality you called chilly aloofness strikes me more as ethereal or aloof. I agree that it's mysterious. I haven't seen that much of Mearns. I like her very much, but she doesn't remind me of Farrell except that she "lives dangerously". But then, nobody does. Maria Kowroski is the dancer I love in former Farrell roles.
  18. I thought she was miscast too even though I've never seen her dance badly. Dance gods, don't strike me dead, but I wasn't even 100% thrilled by Fairchild as Apollo in that performance. I saw Chase Finlay years before he was promoted and thought he was a more interesting dancer back then.
  19. I regret that I never saw Gelsey dance live! Lucky you. What I recall from her book is that she met Baryshnikov in Leningrad while watching a class at the Kirov. Also, he had seen NYCB perform in Leningrad and had noticed and admired her dancing, even, according to some, wishing to someday dance with her. I don't think Peter Martins introduced them or suggested they dance together. I believe one of the reasons Kirkland left NYCB for ABT was to dance with Baryshnikov.
  20. I agree with you, Sandik. Push Comes to Shove is a delightful work. Tharp was an unusual choreographer and what she choreographed on Baryshnikov was unique. Kirkland trashed Tharp in her book, ditto The Turning Point, and anything she didn't consider artistic enough.
  21. Thanks, it's a beautiful snippet. The lone other clip on YT of her Giselle is the variation in Act I, but with only piano accompaniment.
  22. Absolutely right. In either case, her performance in the DQ PdD at Wolf Trap was only a suggestion of her capabilities.
  23. Sadly this is all too true. I've watched the Baryshnikov/Kirkland DQ DVD a zillion times, lamenting that Kirkland is so debilitated by cocaine and anorexia that only a slice of her brilliance shows. The Nutcracker also is a favorite but that costume is a horror. If you can tolerate it, though, there's much to appreciate. Maybe you've seen a very fuzzy video of Le Corsaire PdD, also with Baryshnikov. If not, it's worth searching on youtube.
  24. I agree, Drew. Unfortunately, I never saw her in person, only on TV and now hundreds of times on youtube. She is a great dancer. I read her book when it was new and again years later. She had negative things to say not only about Watts and Martins, but about almost everybody. She trashed Baryshnikov mercilessly as a person and a partner, and she criticized sarcastically his dancing in several ballets. I was shocked at how little she thought of Balanchine's ballets, for which I also have profound love. The few who escaped her ire included Makarova and Tudor, Ivan Nagy --there may be others. I read that years after the book was published, she acknowledged that she'd excoriated Baryshnikov and Martins. It didn't really sound like an apology. After she went to the Royal Ballet, her light seemed to fade. Despite her problems she essentially had a brilliant though truncated career. One just wonders what heights she may have reached.
  25. Your comment is also true. I was happy to see her despite my critical thoughts, and I also enjoyed the variation very much. I would watch her in anything! She and Gomes were fantastic partners. Were they not paired more often because Gomes was so often with Vishneva?
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