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  1. MintyLee said: Your suggestion that no friend or parent warned her that dating Chase might not be a good idea possibly takes for granted how stubborn a headstrong young woman can be (some, not all), but I do agree and struggle with the thought that the people in her life could have done more to protect her from someone with that reputation. We have a responsibility to protect young women who might be more impressionable at that age than we are at ours. Might you also agree then that others also might have had responsibility in protecting her from someone with that reputation? Perhaps responsible parties that knew more concrete, everyday details of his actions? Perhaps responsible parties that might have more in their arsenal of course-correcting remedies than late night texts and sad-faced emojis? Perhaps... an employer?  Well, they didn't warn her, or she didn't listen. Or the friend or parent didn't know more than she did. Why would "responsible parties" know more concrete details of Finlay's actions? It's not as if his actions were common knowledge among non dancers.
  2. Enthusiastically agree. As Nanushka said above, I also fail to see the relevance of many of these comments to Waterbury's specific complaint against Finlay.
  3. I think this is the path. I scribbled it down and hope it's complete. Go to: https://iapps.courts.state.ny.us/nyscef/Login You'll be asked to enter the code to prove you're not a robot. Then you enter the case number: 158220/2018
  4. Very well stated, and I completely agree. Opinions on what Waterbury should or should not have done or known about seem rather unfair. I'm skeptical too about the probity of the company's investigation.
  5. I read all the articles and the complaint. Appalling and disgusting only begin to describe this ugly behavior. There are many valuable comments here and I gave up trying to quote all the ones I agreed with! Finlay is so disrespectful to women, indeed it seems as if he hates them. He is so adolescent and stupid that it's difficult to imagine he only started acting this way because NYCB "gave him permission" to do so. I don't know how much the environment there is responsible for how these dancers operate. Certainly the organization can't control what dancers do or say on their personal time. I noticed almost immediately that the donor was not named anywhere. That's infuriating, and does not look good for the board. Also, maybe it's not relevant, but the inconsistencies and quality of writing in the complaint were questionable. I don't know what the solution is. I will continue to attend performances because these horrible people don't represent the company. The board is not the company. The dancers are!
  6. Taylor was the last titan of modern dance. Very sad news. Morris or Tharp are not in the same generation -- or league, in my opinion.
  7. So true. While I enjoyed her book, I was aware of its flaws. I think her reviews and critical writings in other publications are far better and don't try to include something for everyone. I love Veronika Part too, and that I knew Jacobs was a fan influenced my decision to read Jacobs' book.
  8. Also Trump is decisively not a good example. However, there could be a 70 something person who'd do a good job as president or artistic director. Farrell was my first thought back in January. But given that Martins will have at least some influence on the decision, I don't see her being hired. Andersen or Lopez, yes, but do they really want to leave their companies, especially Lopez? I really like Woetzel too. I would be surprised if he ditched Juilliard. bcash said: Speaking about overall leadership style and innovative drive, I really think Millepied, from two documentaries on his short-lived tenure at POB, would make a great director. Please, anyone but Millepied!
  9. I think Steifel danced in City Ballet for a while, but point taken.
  10. Artistic Director reporting to a Chair of the Board.
  11. Totally agree. As stated earlier, Balanchine called himself Ballet Master. The term choreographer was possibly not as commonly used as it is today. Aurora said; Lady painter is certainly not a modern phrase. It is exceptionally old fashioned (Victorian era). And is often not very accurate. Rosa Bonheur was certainly female but she was no lady. Even woman poet (etc) are not what I would consider modern usage. If you are going to designate the gender of the artist (in whatever medium), I'd argue "Female poet" or "female artist" is more the norm. Lady painter, woman poet and all their sibling terms, like woman doctor, male nurse, etc. sound so antiquated they're comical. Almost.
  12. Actor shouldn't really be gender specific. We say poet and not poetess, even though the latter exists. Singer, not songstress. Since English is not a language with true genders, like romance languages, it makes sense to use the same word to describe all people who practice the same art form. Painter, not paintress. Potter or ceramicist. No female sculptor I know wants to be described as a sculptress. It sounds trivializing.
  13. "Ballet Master" was good enough for Balanchine, but apparently not for Martins. I always disliked that "in chief". Maybe it's a good idea to retire the BM title and use Artistic Director.
  14. I enjoyed the book a lot. It has something for the hard core balletomane as well as for more casual dancegoers or newcomers. Her style is flowing and her knowledge is impressive. It didn't hurt that some of her favorite dancers are also my own! I loved the section on Serenade. Her opinions on why certain greats of 20th century dance were important are concise and very well stated. My only criticism is that I did not like the drawings.
  15. My top picks would be Kim, Shklyarov, Sarafanov, all unlikely to cross the pond I think. Muntagirov is terrific and I think may have guested at ABT a few years ago. Semyon Chudin or Heymann would be good choices too. My absolute last choice is Golding who leaves me completely cold, even without the weird grimaces. I also thought of Finlay, although not of Catazaro but they seem unlikely to cross the plaza. Has any City Ballet dancer ever been a guest at ABT, other than Veyette who only danced one ballet?
  16. Your comment reminded me that I'd read a review of a bio of Yakobson -- although I didn't read the book. In case you haven't seen it, here it is: https://www.nytimes.com/2015/02/23/books/review-like-a-bomb-going-off-leonid-yakobson-and-ballet-as-resistance-in-soviet-russia.html
  17. I've seen some of the Yakobson at Boston Ballet. I really like his work, but I thought BB's interpretation of it was just too pretty and superficial. There are some very good clips of his work on youtube.
  18. As someone else wrote, I'm not terribly excited by their season. That's an understatement. I'm happy to see Balanchine, although not Coppelia as I just saw it at NYCB, and maybe the Forsythe. Conti and Nezha were two of my favorites at Boston and I'm sorry they've left. I really don't understand why, but perhaps they weren't getting the roles they'd expected to get. I'm interested to see Kapitonova.
  19. I also am not a great admirer of Zakharova. I'm not even sure which DVDs exist at the moment, but I would vote for Makarova's Giselle or Swan Lake, the Vishneva or Ferri Giselle, Lopatkina's Swan.
  20. I second that enthusiastically. I also like the Makarova/Nagy earlier performance although Nagy is danced out by this point.
  21. I recently saw the Feijoo/Carreno clip of the BS coda you refer to and I was astounded by her backward hops en pointe. I really thought this was an interpolation and had no clue it was the traditional vaquita. Have to say I didn't like it although Feijoo was terrific. She was one of my favorite dancers at Boston Ballet.
  22. Oh, come on! I don't think Fairchild is a classical dancer either, and I'd be shocked if he accepted such an offer. ABT should be promoting Hoven to principal.
  23. I agree with Jayne, Mariangela. Zakharova is not a favorite of mine, but I thought she was very good in the Bolshoi transmission of Giselle a couple of years ago.
  24. I prefer live performances but it is just not possible to see every ballet I want to see at City Ballet or ABT. I've been to several Bolshoi transmissions and a few RB ones. Some are great, some not so special, but all were worth seeing. I love going to the Met when I can, and also go to several Met in Cinema transmissions a year. They're not a substitute for being in the Met but they're wonderful.
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