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  1. I also am curious about Lauren Fadeley’s trajectory at MCB in comparison to that of Kathryn. I’ve never seen her dance, so I can’t comment on that. However, she and Kathryn don’t look much different in size based on this picture (would have been right before Lauren was pregnant or only a few weeks along). This picture may not be very accurate, though.
  2. I can’t find where casting is listed on MCB’s website—did Kathryn Morgan perform?
  3. Not sure how to link instagram stories since they are temporary, but Waterbury has a story today addressing why she is focusing on Amar and not Chase. She says it is due Chase having left NYC and knowing what he did was wrong, whereas Amar has stayed and not apologized/pretended to be innocent. Just reporting her words—not my feelings.
  4. Was Abi Stafford casted as much last year? I feel like there was a long period where I never saw her name—was she injured?
  5. wonderwall

    Kathryn Morgan

    Kathryn posted that she is learning a “gift of a role,” which she later hints at being Firebird in the comments. Sounds like she is slated to dance it later this season!
  6. Did Ana Sophia Scheller ever address why she left SFB? Was she injured? She is such a gorgeous dancer—I hope she continues in another company!
  7. So happy for them! Based on the #twinsisters, I’m guessing she is having girls. I’ve always been a fan of Ashley, and I really hope she decides to return! Looking through her pictures she posted/was tagged in the last few months, I can’t believe she was pregnant (and with twins, no less!). She looks beautiful!
  8. Ashley Hod will be preforming at Saratoga after being out for over a year due to an injury.
  9. Are there any other reported retirements other than Ashly and Justin Peck? I thought Sarah Villwock may be leaving since her husband left to work for PNB, but I haven’t seen anything indicating she will do so. Also, add Olivia Mackinnon to the list of injured dancers. She has posted some stories in the last few days about an injury and was in the hospital. Sending healing thoughts her way!
  10. Sad about Ashly Isaacs. It seems like she was cast a bit this year, but I can’t renember if it was any point roles or if she was replaced. I feel bad she never came back from her injury, but I hope she continues dancing (if able!) in some capacity. in teens if promotions, I hold these new debuts are indicative of a promotion for Laracey, she is long overdue. However, I think it is more likely there will be more Corp to soloist promotions (especially with Isaacs leaving). Although it is early, it seems like Mejia is deserving of a promotion.
  11. wonderwall

    Kathryn Morgan

    She performed scenes from Romeo and Juliet and Giselle this weekend at a gala in Arizona. She posted some footage of the actual performance on her Instagram story, but nothing permanent yet. Here are some snippets of rehearsal footage, though!
  12. I wish Laracey would get a shot at Aurora, but I definitely think Woodward would be great.
  13. I’d love to hear any reports on Staker’s marzipan debut! Speaking of Ashly Issacs, when was she last on stage?
  14. wonderwall

    Kathryn Morgan

    I wouldn’t agree with or advocate for that either—just mentioned it popped into my mind. 😊 As I stated, I don’t think Kathryn rejoining NYCB would be a good fit on either side for the aforementioned reasons (rep, gap in employment, performance schedule, NYCB’s abundance of talented females).
  15. wonderwall

    Kathryn Morgan

    I agree that Washington Ballet seems like it’d be a great fit. Carolina and Boston Ballet also come to mind. That “celebrity” hiring factor popped into my mind as well, but in terms of NYCB—timing her return with the announcement of the AD in an effort to start the company’s new chapter with a feel-good tone/get good publicity. However, NYCB Is bursting at the seams with talented female dancers, so I couldn’t see that happening (and like others noted above, it may not be a good fit for her anymore due to her employment gap/rep of interest). Maybe she’d want to go outside the US? Merde to Kathryn! I hope she achieves whatever she has in mind!
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