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  1. Looks like there are still plenty of tickets available.
  2. It’s odd that they would change her picture. They haven’t yet updated the Dancers page to reflect promotions and retirements, so I’m not sure the reason. The fact that she both states that she has left the company and lists her occupation as Former Dancer with ABT on her personal Facebook page and has removed ABT from her Instagram seems more telling to me than whatever is happening with photos on ABT’s website.
  3. I tried to find out more information. On her Facebook page it says she left ABT on January 1.
  4. I was just coming here to post the same thing. I love that Katherine Williams is getting this opportunity. With only two female soloists it seems like the perfect time for the women in the Corp to show what they can do.
  5. The lack of dorm thing seems crazy to me. I’ve always wondered how teenagers join the Studio Company if they don’t live locally. Are they all from wealthy families?
  6. Veronika Part is dancing with her in Isadora at Segerstrom Center in Costa Mesa. The Sadler’s Wells program just says she will be joined by three other dancers, including David Hallberg.
  7. Ah, he’s dancing there with Natalia Osipova in September for a program she is doing called Pure Dance.
  8. He says “Rehearsals for @sadlers_wells” but I can’t see anything on their schedule that makes sense.
  9. Hmm. ABT is bringing Harlequinade to Costa Mesa mid-January. I guess the children will be going straight from Nutcracker to Harlequinade rehearsals.
  10. I think that the JKO school will always be limited in the students they can attract because they don’t have housing. Their pool is limited to people who live close enough to commute. They don’t even have dorm contracts for their five week summer Intensive.
  11. If you click the link, it isn’t a reference to the Carol Pardo review.
  12. I’m so glad she is getting these opportunities. It is especially gratifying to see someone who joined the JKO school at a relatively young age doing well in the company.
  13. I’ve never understood why theatres charge fees for buying online and printing tickets at home. It seems like it would be much more convenient for them than having lines of people at the box office.
  14. Ooh, Sunday has the benefit of both new principals and potentially lighter traffic. I think we have a winner!
  15. Isabelle Boylston just posted an Instagram video of her rehearsing with Kimin Kim, so he is officially “in the house.”
  16. We’d love that here in Orange County!
  17. In his Instagram story Patrick Frenette posted a copy of those safety rules and wrote something about how they went from the Fairmont in D.C. to this. I’m not a snob, but if a review says, “not the dirtiest hotel I’ve visited,” I try to stay away.
  18. Just a thought, but perhaps they could have checked the list of hotels recommended on the Michigan Opera Theatre website. Seems like a pretty obvious start.
  19. I got blocked by the NYT paywall. When the photo of the up-until-2am negotiations was posted to Instagram, Misty was the one dancer I couldn’t see.
  20. AB'sMom

    Gomes and ABT

    I don’t know Aran Bell’s exact height, but he is quite tall. Definitely not 5’9”. I saw him at the Nutcracker cast party and I’d say he’s in the 6’ range.
  21. AB'sMom

    Gomes and ABT

    When he played the Mouse King in Nutcracker he sometimes didn’t run across the backs of the other rats because the two men/rats responsible for kind of lifting him to do that couldn’t manage it. He’s a big, strong guy.
  22. It protects everyone to have rules in place that prohibit bosses from dating or sleeping with their subordinates. Some companies allow these relationships but HR must be notified. It seems ridiculous on the surface but it really does offer a level of protection. My husband worked for a company where the (married) president was having an affair with an employee. When he broke it off she got a lawyer and sued the company claiming sexual harassment. It was cheaper and easier to pay her off than to go to court.
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