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  1. I wish Segerstrom would send out emails when there are casting updates, but I guess they don’t want to flood inboxes with too many emails. I only heard about it from the ABT Gillespie School kids and then went to the website to see if they were right.
  2. The TBA for Stella Abrera’s partner has been filled in with.....(drumroll)......Aran Bell.
  3. Lane and Shevchenko will be in California for Nutcracker a couple of weeks earlier, but Boylston won’t be. I’m not sure if that’s a sign for Harlequinade or not.
  4. I read it as Finlay sending a photo of Waterbury to a former SAB student/current PNB dancer, not that the former student was in the photo.
  5. Yes, I believe NYCB said his donations were made between 2010-2016, so it seems he aged out of the Young Patrons program.
  6. That donor seriously disturbs me. I remember someone making a comment that seemed off to me on an ABT Corp member’s Instagram once, so I clicked on the name to see the profile of the commenter. It was him. I just went back to her Instagram to see if I could find him so I could clarify why it disturbed me. I couldn’t find the post but did find something else odd. She went on a non-work European trip and in the comments thanked him and her sister for making it possible. She was 20.
  7. That amended complaint made me feel sick to my stomach. I had to take a break. It is very specific.
  8. Students at the School of General Studies may have different admittance requirements, but they take classes with students at Columbia College and have the same faculty, so I would still argue that you have to be quite intelligent to attend classes there.
  9. The silence from the dance community outside of NYCB is deafening as well, though. People who posted during the first wave of the #metoo movement seem oddly quiet now.
  10. I’m guessing Finlay’s family is fairly well-off, judging by his father’s (fairly pompous) Wikipedia page.
  11. You can send texts to email addresses and phone numbers. If one popped up on the screen while she was on the computer, she likely would have been able to see the entire text chain as well as how many emails/phone numbers were involved. No one has said how they were shown to NYCB.
  12. After the suspension, Maxwell posted a photo of her with Ramasar and words of support. Among the commenters were several dancers, as well as Chase Finlay’s mother. She has now limited who can post comments, but the photo and words of support are still up.
  13. I think the claims are similar. The head of the national chapter didn’t disseminate the video, the frat boys did. Waterbury claims Finlay and others were exchanging and viewing these images at work. Part of her claim is that there was an environment not unlike a fraternity at NYCB, that there were people who knew this environment existed, and that nothing was done to prevent it.
  14. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/grade-point/wp/2018/06/15/woman-with-help-of-stormy-danielss-lawyer-sues-fraternity-for-circulating-explicit-videos/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.0cc0cf872be8
  15. Women sue fraternities on similar grounds, even though they aren’t members of the fraternity.
  16. Earlier in the thread I had mentioned the hotel room in DC as having $150,000 in damages, which seemed like an absurdly high amount. Rereading the complaint I see that it actually says: Likewise, on a recent trip to Washington D.C., several members of defendant NEW YORK CITY BALLET, INC., including, but not limited to, defendant CHASE FINLAY were fined over $150,000 for destroying a hotel room at a party they hosted with underage girls to whom they provided and plied with drugs and alcohol.
  17. Again, two different laws are being referred to. Stephanie’s law involves images/videos being taken and shared without the subject’s consent. It is illegal in all cases. The revenge law refers to sharing images/videos that were taken with the consent of the subject but then are later shared. It is the revenge law that has the “intent to cause harm” clause.
  18. In the case of the $150,000 trashed hotel room with underage girls being supplied drugs and alcohol, it sounds like it was while the company was on tour in DC.
  19. For the record, the 2017 NYC revenge porn law refers to distributing or threatening to distribute intimate images without the permission of the subject with the intent to cause harm. This largely refers to photos or videos taken with the permission of the subject, or photos the subject sent to a partner. It was already illegal to spread videos of someone engaged in a sexual act if the video was made without their knowledge or permission. There is no “intent to cause harm” clause. At least with revenge porn the subject knows the photos or videos exist and is no longer in a relationship with the jerk who shares them. What Finlay did was such a violation of trust—he did this to someone while they were in a relationship.
  20. I agree that 19 must refer to her age when she started dating Finley, because I remember reading, maybe on her Instagram, about the 20th anniversary of the heart surgery she had as an infant. And she started attending Columbia in 2016.
  21. Yes, last year Hoven filled in for Whiteside, partnering Murphy, once. (As did Gomes. Sigh).
  22. They released casting for Nutcracker in Costa Mesa. Blaine Hoven is cast with Sarah Lane and Thomas Forster is cast with Christine Shevchenko. Stella Abrera’s Prince is still To Be Announced.
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