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  1. I believe what they are saying is a subordinate can not directly report to a supervisor if they are romantically involved. Meaning, you can’t sleep with your boss/subordinate.
  2. While I don't love the idea of an anonymous letter with non-specific details, it could well be that the writer of the letter is in a position where he/she feels like there may be something to lose personally by coming forward. The unfortunate side affect is that there is now someone publicly accused before the allegations have been properly investigated. This is why it is so important for companies to have strict policies in place and a clear process for filing a complaint internally.
  3. I don’t know how familiar most members are with the band The National, but Justin Peck choreographed a piece for their video and the entire thing is him dancing with Patricia Delgado. http://news.radio.com/2017/11/30/the-national-dark-side-of-the-gym-video/?ref=yfp
  4. I’m going to three performances and had saved Murphy/ Whiteside for closing night. I’m happy that I get to see Hoven. I saw Murphy/Whiteside last year and Murphy/Gomes the year before. (Is it okay to out myself by saying you’ll be seeing my daughter as young Clara?)
  5. It’s interesting that this topic had gone pretty quiet relatively quickly, but then the photos/captions were changed/removed and canbelto was blocked and BOOM, the conversation got lively. They can’t put the genie back in the bottle and attempting to do so just makes people discuss it even more. My tween seems to have a better grasp of how social media works. You can have both a public and a private Instagram, and even then you should never put anything out there that you may wish to take back.
  6. https://instagram.com/p/BaRce-0ldxw/
  7. Sunday evening Skorik was replaced by Anastasia Kolegova in Chopiniana.
  8. Ooh, hopefully this is for the whole weekend. Not that I'm wishing an injury on anyone, but I ended up getting tickets for Sunday night instead of Sunday afternoon.
  9. I didn't necessarily interpret her comment as saying that they owed her something for her decision not to have a baby. I thought she was speaking more to her own intense focus on achieving her ballet goals. It really struck me when she was talking about ballet and dancing and then she said she sounded like an excited 12-year-old. I don't think it was just that her identity was wrapped up in being a principal with NYCB, she was also still as passionate about dancing and growing as she was when she was a young girl hoping to become a professional. I think that's part of the reason, along with her previous lack of any major injuries, that she was almost caught off guard when the reality of aging hit her. I also think being able to take that passion for dancing to more contemporary opportunities really helped her accept the end of her career at NYCB.
  10. Thank you for the advise. I was leaning toward evening, but my daughter is particularly interested in Les Sylphides, so we may choose the afternoon performance.
  11. I'm not very familiar with most of the Mariinsky dancers but I would like to attend one of the Sunday performances. Which show would most people recommend?
  12. I've heard really lovely things about Hee Seo in Nutcracker. Last year my daughter was the young Clara with Gillian, Hee and Stella so I tended to go to shows that worked out with family and friends who came to see her. I guess none of them happened to coincide with the Hee Seo shows.
  13. I was hoping to see new principals as well. I wonder why Isabella Boylston isn't coming this year. I've seen Gillian Murphy, Stella Abrera, and Sarah Lane in the past.
  14. He is still scheduled to do Nutcracker in Costa Mesa, CA in December. He's partnered with Misty Copeland. Sarah Lane is partnered with Herman Cornejo.
  15. One of her Instagram stories was of her doing a series of singles and doubles, which I actually preferred. I love watching these and am grateful for the glimpses into her practice.
  16. ABT is now down to 3 female soloists. Do they ever promote from the corp mid season?
  17. I'm leaving Southern California on Saturday morning for two weeks in New York--apparently right as a lot of ballet is finally heading out here. I'm sad to be missing Giselle, but my daughter got a last minute invitation to watch dress rehearsal tonight.
  18. As far as patrons go: Despite an insane amount of wealth, I don't think there is really a strong sense of civic responsibility in LA. Perhaps it's because so many people have come from somewhere else. Eli Broad is obviously an exception. Orange County is another story. It's history isn't long, so many of the families who built it up out of ranches, orange groves and farms are still around and tend to be the biggest donors. I don't know if either place has both the big donors and enough of an audience to fill the seats. I'm hoping Segerstrom's dismal dance programming for next year isn't a reflection of the interest in classical ballet in Orange County.
  19. She also withdrew from Nutcracker in California in 2015. She was supposed to have opening night and one other night. She wasn't scheduled to dance in Nutcracker in 2016.
  20. She does sound angry and bitter to me. I understand the feeling, but I feel like she isn't handling it well. I see no relationship between her comment and the article referenced. (It was on Alexei Ratmansky's Facebook--sorry I forgot to mention where he posted it).
  21. Alexei Ratmansky just posted a link to the New York Times article about the Bolshoi cancelling their ballet based on Nureyev. Veronica Part commented, "Well...?And ABT fired at least 2 Russian ballerinas."
  22. I hope you didn't think I was being rude. I just started wondering, since you mentioned her, if there is a height that is just considered too short. (I'm not sure of her height, but for some reason I am thinking that it's less than 5'2"). I hope not, as she is a beautiful dancer.
  23. Elina is so short that I've wondered if that keeps her from being promoted.
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