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    Yulia Stepanova

    Belyakov was promoted to leading soloist recently, jumping two ranks, and is a very tall, strong dancer with a spectacular jump. He is 24 or 25, I think. He has already partnered Yulia recently in Frank Bridge Variationsi, and he dances several leading roles. Marchenkova is a corps ballerina who dances many small solo roles, so Gamzatti is a great debut for her.
  2. MadameP

    Yulia Stepanova

    Yulia will make her debut as Nikiya in La Bayadere opposite Artemy Belyakov on 16th April - wonderful news!
  3. Completely agree, Kathleen! I have seen so many ballerinas struggle when they would have been much better not even attempting to lift both arms in 5th. It is such a shame. What is the point of teetering en pointe, forcing the conductor to wait a ludicrous length of time only to snatch the arm back down again the moment it is raised? None at all. It is not beautiful, not musical and only makes the ballerina herself look technically deficient, attempting to do what she cannot do. Just ..... DON'T!
  4. Following on from the TWO PROMOTIONS theme, today there are two new coryphees - Tatiana Tiliguzova and Roman Belyakov are both on the roster as coryphees as of today.
  5. MadameP


    Skorik has been replaced by Osmolkina as Aurora.
  6. I agree with everything you say about Somova. She rarely does those extreme extensions now, but uses her flexibility entirely appropriately to each role, but that flexibility gives her such an ease of movement - especially in her glorious grands jetes. Her acting is always unforced and natural and I saw that Raymonda debut, and she was a wonderful Raymonda. It's really a crime that America could not see this great Raymonda. Beautiful arms too! Even though I really do not like this version of LHBH, it does have a few nice moments, notably the PDD. I think she is the best Tsar Maiden so I do hope she will open the LHBH run next year!
  7. LHBH is not danced by either Korsuntsev or Ivanchenko so at least it means you will get the chance to see some of the younger, more virtuoso male dancers.
  8. I saw Uliana Lopatkina's debut as Tsar Maiden in LHBH at MT2. Strange role for her, but actually she was excellent and very funny, but still it is a DIRE ballet in my opinion! The sets are terrible, and so is much of the music. I wish MT would DUMP all their Ratmansky, although, to be fair, at least LHBH is not as awful as Anna Karenina...
  9. Little Humpbacked Horse? Seriously? Mariinsky thinks this is worthy of showing to American audiences for a whole run of performances ? I despair. Really I do.
  10. Here is the Mariinsky's "official" take on their American season, as reported on their website: http://www.mariinsky.ru/en/news1/
  11. Agree. Tereshkina does the changements, for example, and she has very strong pointework, so I am sure she COULD do the entrechats4 - yet she doesn't.
  12. Why doesn't this link work for me? It says, "Sorry, you don't have permission for that," and "You are not allowed to visit this community." ????
  13. Basically, in entrechat4, if the feet start in 5th with the right foot in front, then at the end of the step, they return to 5th with right foot in front.
  14. With regard to the diagonale of entrechats4 (or not!), I was not present at the American run of Raymondas, but have seen many Raymondas on the Mariinsky stage in St Petersburg. For the sake of information only, here is a list of all those ballerinas I have seen perform the role of Raymonda at Mariinsky Theatre, and what they actually performed during this sequence. Lopatkina - changements Tereshkina - changements Matvienko - changements Skorik - changements Kondaurova - did maybe 2 entrechat4 then the rest changements Shirinkina - entrechat4 Kolegova - entrechat4 Somova - entrechat4
  15. I love Fountain! It is one of my favourite ballets and I do not know why MT does not tour this wonderful ballet instead of the horrible Ratmansky Cinderella. Well - I do ... Fateyev and Gergiev! Anyway, It has everything - great dramatic dancing roles, music, stage sets. Shame one has to go to SPb to see it. I will never forget seeing the truly amazing Ilya Kuznetsov as Ghirei, who made me cry so much at the end where he is grieving by the fountain. Smekalov also is an excellent Ghirei. I also have seen some beautiful Marias - Kolegova, Novikova, Shirinkina and Osmolkina. Unfortunately, the Zaremas cast were not so effective, although Petushkova had great jumps and acting.
  16. Just have to laugh at "Askerov attempted romance in the dream but got a wili" LOL!!! I find him a very wooden actor, although he is a good enough partner, but I do think Skorik is not very forthcoming with her emotions on stage, so he was probably in a no-win situation.
  17. Well, are we talking at cross purposes? I have been in Moscow until last week, and saw Smirnova/Rodkin and Krysanova/Ovcharenko in Raymonda on the Bolshoi stage and there was no white lady in sight!
  18. Not in the CURRENT Bolshoi Raymonda, Natalia! I have just seen it - and not a White Lady anywhere. I wasn't talking about the film, but about the CURRENT Bolshoi production!
  19. THe White Lady does NOT appear in the Bolshoi production. I have just come back from Russia, where I saw a number of Don Quixotes and Raymondas, and I can tell you there is not one glimpse of a White Lady in the current Bolshoi production (or in the Mariinsky one either!)
  20. Yes - I agree totally. That is it in a nutshell!!! Yuri Fateyev is entirely to blame.
  21. I understand all too well. I realise I am repeating what I have already said on another thread, but Mariinsky did NOT field its best Raymondas on this tour, and the Jean de Briennes are equally lacklustre, to put it politely. Somova, Lopatkina and Novikova are the best Raymondas, with Kolegova by far the best of the Raymondas on this tour. As for the JdBs - the time for both Ivanchenko and Korsuntsev to hang up their dancing shoes is long past. It is not acceptable merely to be a good porteur these days... And although Askerov has good physique and jumps, he simply has no charisma or acting ability. It is a great shame. Zverev is a wonderful actor with great presence and would have been far better as JdB, although he is a magnetic Abderakhman. But look at the dancers in the corps, coryphee and solo parts. I cannot mention everybody, but look at the immaculate boys in the pas de 4, Sofya I-S, Nadia Batoeva - some of the unsung corps dancers such as Frolova, Varentseva - the wrong dancers were in the leading roles.
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