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  1. "Ballet Shoes" by Noel Streatfeild is a famous children's book based on three sisters, one of whom becomes a ballerina. I loved reading this when I was a child! It was also successful televised. http://www.amazon.com/Ballet-Shoes-Shoe-Books-Streatfeild/dp/0679847596/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1448631473&sr=8-1&keywords=ballet+shoes+by+noel+streatfe
  2. Yes, my Russian friend told me she had seen a programme on TV where those three were interviewed and all said favorable things about Yulia Stepanova. This Gala should be wonderful, with so many great ballerinas taking part and a lovely selection of pieces. Personally, I think all the ballerinas are dancing entirely appropriate roles. It will be an amazing tribute to Maya Plisetskaya and I just hope that if it is shown on Russian TV, some of it will be available somewhere for us to enjoy! I can't wait to see it!
  3. MadameP

    Yulia Stepanova

    Yulia will dance the Hungarian Bride in Swan Lake on 22nd November.
  4. They have made that video private now - strange.
  5. MadameP

    Yulia Stepanova

    Here is the link to the Russian side of the site, that lists Yulia's bio in full, although, as Helene says, the English side does not show it yet. The updating is overdue for several weeks now. http://www.bolshoi.ru/persons/ballet/2881/ Her husband, Kamil Yangurazov, has been employed in the Actors/Extras ensemble of the Bolshoi Opera.
  6. Yes, I forgot to mention Matvienko! I saw her Raymonda debut in St Petersburg, and she is a lovely ballerina with a glorious jump and excellent all-round technique. I completely agree about Osmolkina, who has a beautiful ballerina body, impeccable Vaganova schooling and also is a wonderful actress. I saw her debut in Leningrad Symphony, in the honoured role that is only danced by a few ballerinas, and she bought the audience to tears, as she did also as Juliet and as Maria in Fountain of Bakhchisarai. She is a fabulous actress and a wonderful ballerina. I truly am very sad that she is not a principal.
  7. Awful news - among the first soloists, Novikova, Osmolkina and Kolegova were all by far more deserving of promotion in my opinion.
  8. Thank you! Do you know what her position was there, and what roles she danced?
  9. I enjoyed watching this last year - but if only Mariinsky could be one of the companies taking part!
  10. Who is Asthik Ogannesyan? She is a coryphee, but do you have any information on where she trained or what companies she has danced in before? Also, there is another dancer I do not know - Vera Sabantseva - who dances Gulnare with Lebedev - do have any information on her?
  11. Thank you - I don't know how I have missed seeing this documentary, but I will certainly watch it!
  12. Mariinsky is my favourite company and St Petersburg is my favourite city in the world. I have so many happy memories.
  13. Dear Birdsall, Thank God you are still alive. I cried also for you reading this. I am so sad and sorry for you. This was a truly terrifying experience that no-one deserves and you truly ARE lucky to be alive, judging from what that police officer said. This was clearly an experienced thug crime. Just an appalling end to your trip, and I am so glad that you at last did enjoy all those performances before. Thank you for the reviews. There is nothing like the Mariinsky. I try to be careful, and rarely by myself anyway in St Petersburg, but what you said is also brave of you to write this all down for everyone to read and be warned by. I truly hope those physical and mental wounds heal swiftly. God bless you and I send you my best wishes.
  14. MadameP

    Joy Womack

    I wondered the same - I think she would be better off in an American company.
  15. I agree. Of course, technically Guillem "could" dance any role she chose, but whether or not she should have done is another question. Uliana Lopatkina "could" have danced Aurora but never did, having said in an interview that she did not consider herself as the right type or "emploi" for the role. What a tragedy. I think Guillem was far less suited to the role than Lopatkina.
  16. Strebko did officially graduate this year, but since she still has a leg injury, she did not take part in the graduation performances.
  17. I thought the same. Technically she was excellent, and her final attitude balances in particular were wonderful. She also has a lovely warm, charming presence on stage. I enjoyed her Aurora very much.
  18. Yes, Lukina is Kovaleva's student, along with Tskhvitaria. Shakirova and Makarova are Udalenkova's students.
  19. Udalenkova and Kovaleva are the teachers of the two girls' graduating classes.
  20. Just wanted to say - thank you for the reminder! I am really looking forward to this!
  21. I think both Novikova and Lopatkina would be highly insulted at the thought that someone thought they were dancing ultra slowly for the sake of gymnastics and I think that anyone who has watched either of them dance could not possibly think this. Their adagio is full of soul. To say that certain dancers danced "too slowly" is one person's subjective opinion. Novikova does not just "pose" and certainly Lopatkina does not - she is probably the best example of flow of movement at Mariinsky. Yes, some dancers have higher extensions than others, and Lopatkina and Novikova do have high extensions, but they are used at the service of the music and their interpretation - always. Just because the music is slower does not mean that a dancer is purely a gymnast.
  22. I wish Tsiskaridze WOULD take over Mariinsky Ballet - he would make a much better job of it than Yuri Fateyev, who is single handedly destroying it.
  23. I agree with you and him! The three schools/academies of Vaganova, Bolshoi and Paris are the greatest in the world, in that order! Even though my own country's Royal Ballet School is excellent, we simply do not have the training or traditions of the Vaganova or Bolshoi school. Vaganova training is the best in the world in my opinion and Tsiskaridze is rightly proud of it.
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