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  1. Veronika Part leaving ABT

    So happy to hear this! Sigh. Thank you for the report, Natalia.
  2. Evgenia Obraztsova

    Wow, twins!! Congratulations Evgenia and Andrei!
  3. ABT 2016 Nutcracker Casting

    I am also surprised at no Gomes. He was cast last year.
  4. ABT 2016 Le Corsaire

    Did anyone see the Wednesday afternoon performance with Veronika Part/Cory Stearns?
  5. ABT 2016 Met Season

    I believe she was to guest during the Bolshoi's tour.
  6. Bessmertnova in the Bolshoi production was my introduction to the ballet, and she remains my favorite Raymonda. I voted for the La Scala recon, the best overall production IMO.
  7. Gorgeous. And thank you, Natalia, for the incredible reviews! I would love to see this. (Maybe we'll a get a DVD someday? )
  8. Svansøen

    The broadcast of the RDB's new "Swan Lake" with J'aime Crandall, Alban Lendorf, and Jуn Axel Fransson is on YouTube. Quite an interesting production!
  9. Roster Changes at ABT

    Maria's twitter page now says she is a guest with ABT.
  10. ABT 2015 Met season

    According to ABT's website, Part will be partnered by guest artist Denys Nedak in La Bayadere.
  11. 2014 Met Season

    Thanks for the update, abatt. I think Whiteside will be fantastic in this. Gomes is a real loss -- but I'm sure we can all agree he deserves a break! Glad we don't have to see Vasiliev wear the costume again -- which didn't suit him at all. Has Stearns danced this role in the past? I'm curious to see if he is mended enough to dance all of his currently scheduled performances, beginning next week. Agree about Gomes! Even without von Rothbart, I think he has the biggest amount of performances among the men (as has been the case for a number of years). And, yes, Stearns has done the role before.