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  1. SFB sent out an email announcing company’s roster for 2018-2019 seasons. The biggest surprise is the recruitment of Vladislav Kozlov, a former corps de ballet dancer with the Bolshoi, who will be joining as a soloist. New corps members are Cavan Conley, Lucas Erni and Nicolai Goridiskii.
  2. Dreamer

    New company members 2018-19 season

    I believe Zagrebin and his wife, who is also a dancer, spent the entire summer in SF. I remember seeing instagram photos of them and Gennadi Nedvigin touring wineries. Why he decided to leave after a couple of months remains a mystery. Would he have broken his contract? Or are foreign dancers allowed to sign up on a temporary basis?
  3. Flowers for the leading ladies and Ms. Alonso were brought out during the curtain call on the opening night performances, May 29 (DQ) and May 31 (Giselle).
  4. Dreamer

    New company members 2018-19 season

    Zagrebin did arrive in San Francisco and even performed with the company at the annual Stern Grove festival in July. He never made it to the repertory season, though.
  5. Dreamer

    Isadora starring Natalia Osipova

    I have a ticket as part of my SCFTA subscription. Unfortunately, there were no subscription packages offered without Osipova's program. I comfort myself with the fact that I'll get to experience Varnava's choreography as I have never seen his works.
  6. Dreamer

    New company members 2018-19 season

    I was hoping for a Cuban. With DQ returning next season, who from the current roaster can be a match to previous Basilios of the likes of Joan Boada, Taras Domitro or Carlos Quenedit. Having just seen the National Ballet of Cuba in DC, I am still in awe with the young generation of their male dancers—Rafael Quenedit (the younger brother of Carlos), Patricio Revé and Raúl Abreu.
  7. I wish I were Cuban 😪. I wouldn’t say NBC dancers are not exactly great jumpers. The only person who had difficulties with jumps was Valdés but she more than compensated for this deficiency with her incredible balances. Everyone else was pretty much flying. But then again, it is probably my poor judgement abilities as, for example, I could never see anything spectacular about Osipova’s jumps. Maybe I always get distracted by her lack of turnout or beat up pointe shoes?
  8. Agree. I love how Cubans do fouetté turns—they beautifully show the working leg in the perfectly turned out second position at a 90 degree angle and then quickly whip it to turn. You could take a snapshot of their fully stretched leg a la second! The entire ire company looked terrific. I have not seen a single sickling or incompletely pointed foot. And five turn pirouettes seemed to be a piece of cake for these dancers. And how about eight or nine supported pirouettes? Easy. At some point, Rafael Quenedit used just one hand to spin Grettel Morejón around. Too bad, the Kennedy Center changed the initially announced three performances of DQ to just two. I am sure the third one would be a sell out as well.
  9. At the beginning of tonight’s performance of DQ, there was a tribute for the 40th anniversary of Alicia Alonzo’s appearance at the Kennedy Center. Then she waved to audience from her box. I am glad I got to see her.
  10. I have single tickets in Orchestra section for Don Quixote and Giselle performances of Cuban National Ballet at the Kennedy Center. Don Quixote— 5/29/18 at 7:30 pm, seat X106, $79 SOLD Don Quixote —5/30/18 at 7:30 pm, seat S128, $89 SOLD Giselle—5/31/18 at 7:30 pm, seat T116, $89 Giselle—6/1/18 at 7:30 pm, seat G103 (front row), $89 Giselle—6/2/18 at 7:30 pm, seat O114, $99 SOLD These are electronic tickets that can me emailed. Please PM me if you are interested
  11. San Francisco Ballet announced that soloist James Sofranko will become the new artistic director of Grand Rapids Ballet in Michigan starting July 1, 2018. Sofranko said, "I'm so grateful that Helgi gave me the opportunity to work for such a world-class company 18 years ago and I have learned so much from my experience with SF Ballet. I will miss San Francisco, and performing on the Opera House stage for our dedicated audiences, but I am excited for the next stage of my artistic life as a director, choreographer, curator, and producer of dance."
  12. Dreamer

    Dancer Promotions for 2018-2019

    I also saw Bizalion in Val Caniparoli’s Ibsen’ House and in Frankenstein (Victor’s mother).
  13. Dreamer

    Dancer Promotions for 2018-2019

    I think that many audience members would like to see a Russian or a Cuban or a French star joining the company. For me, the company looks stronger then ever before but I woudn’t mind if a yet not widely known dancer with strong classical training from a Russian or other European company joins the company at the soloist level. Adding “new blood” would definitely bring excitement and healthy competition and also help avoid complacency and stagnation.
  14. The SFB doesn’t come to an end with Kochetkova’s departure. Its roster of principals is still quite strong. Besides YY and Sophiane Sylve, it has a beautiful and sensitive Sasha de Sola, a technically and musically impeccable Frances Chung, an expressive, quick-footed, distinguished by her clean attack and chiseled lines Ana Sophia Scheller, an elegant and emotive Sarah Van Patten and a lithe and svelte Mathilde Froustey. Not to mention a slew of very promising soloists and corps de ballet dancers. I do not expect Kochetkova’s place to remain unclaimed.
  15. It does not look that Kochetkova is leaving SFB to take up a position at ABT. SFB and ABT seasons do not overlap, so having a bi-coastal engagement seemed to work just fine for her. The commute between NYC and SF is actually not that bad, even when one needs to have a couple of coaching sessions early spring before the start of the MET season. Her more exhausting travels would have been to Europe and Japan.
  16. Considering that the announcement of Kochetkova’s leaving has been made so late into the season without giving her audience the chance of digesting and preparing for it, I have to wonder if it was a somewhat impromptu decision on her part.
  17. I feel very fortunate that I got to see Masha develop from a practically unknown corps dancer to one of the world most sought after ballerinas. But the news doesn't come as a big surprise to me. Throughout the season I had a feeling it might me her last one at SFB. I don't think it was a particular successful and fulfilling year for her. Best of luck to Masha in her future endeavor.
  18. Dreamer

    Mathilde Froustey

    From Mathilde Froustey’s Instagram: she will be dancing Nikiya with the Kremlin Ballet on May 11. Congratulations!
  19. Dreamer

    Misty Copeland, Part Deux

    Although I do not endorse or support any negative videos of Misty Copeland (or any other dancer for that matter) but I believe that in our day and age biased, offensive and embarrassing video compilations directed at public figures, politicians or celebrities are inevitable. I am not suggesting that the anti-Copeland campaign is appropriate or justified, I am just not surprised by it. There are quite a few ballerinas/dancers who were and continue being regularly trashed and humiliated on social media with many video, posts and comments discussing their mistakes, flawed technique, lack of artistry and yes, laziness. For most parts, Copeland was spared of such vicious treatment and public shaming. And with her well-oiled PR machine she can quickly respond and quench any attempts of questioning her technical prowess or exposing her flaws. I can’t really feel sorry for Copeland as she seems to be perfectly capable and absolutely determined to fight back. It remained to be seen if her fighter’s spirit will help her become a better technician.
  20. I don’t think Isadoda will be set on a full ballet company, just a few dancers at most. In one of her interviews, Osipova mentioned Shklyarov as a potential partner.
  21. Dreamer

    Favorite SFB Short Video Clips

    Can’t wait to see Scheller and Greco in Don Q next year!
  22. Dreamer

    Dancer Promotions for 2018-2019

    pherank, I partially agree with your assessment. By the way, I was one of those people who at first did not accept Dores Andre’s promotion. I just did not see her as a versatile dancer but in the past two years I have become a convert. I can’t think of any performance in which Dores would have left me unmoved. As far as other ladies you mentioned go, Wona Park is definitely a stand-out. But she is too young and needs some time to develop and gain more experience. I see a potential in many corps dancers but Madison to me is already beyond that—she has style and grace, solid technique and experience with many soloist parts and even a principal role (the title role in Khan’s Giselle). I understood that British audiences were quite fond of her during her time at ENB.
  23. Dreamer

    Dancer Promotions for 2018-2019

    I would love to see Madison Keesler promoted to soloist—such an elegant and intelligent dancer.
  24. I am so happy that the company starts it’s US tour on the West coast and I can catch them before my departure to DC to see the wonderful and always exciting Cuban National Ballet. Does anyone know if the National Ballet of Ukraine will be performing to live orchestra or recorded music? The listed venues make me suspect it will be the latter.
  25. Dreamer

    Dancer Promotions for 2018-2019

    Yes!!! Big shout-outs to Wei, Lonnie and Benjamin. I am especially happy for Lonnie who has been steadily developing his artistry to become quite an exceptional dancer.