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2002 wishes and predictions


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I know we elitist, backwards-looking, White Russian, hide-bound, traditionalist, "the-glass-is-half-empty-and-getting-emptier" ballet fanatics usually look to the future with little more than resigned trepidation, but let's be optimists, or an amazing simulation thereof, and look to the future.

What would we like to see happen in 2002? And what do we realistically think might happen in 2002? And what scares us to death about 2002?

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I hope that the New York City dance scene will not suffer a severe contraction, companies and spaces going out of business, but I fear that it will.

I hope Melissa Barak and Chris Wheeldon's new pieces will live up to the promise of their earlier works.

I hope Wallace Chappell will bring some peace to ABT's administrative staff.

I hope you all have a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year.

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Manhattnik posed several profound questions.

What would we like to see happen in 2002?

New ballets.

And what do we realistically think might happen in 2002?

There will be new ballets.

And what scares us to death about 2002?

Those ballets sure will be new, won't they?

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Hey! Wake up, Posters! This is a topic anyone can ring in on. Be serious -- what do you hope to see in the next year. Or let your imaginations run wild. What will ABT's next classic be? What joys will the Diamond Project hold? Who will (a tad early) be named "perhaps the best young choreographer of our day?" in 2002? Will "The Fear Factor" or "Survivor" tap into ballet?

Be hopeful, be outrageous, but let us have something to look forward to in 2002!!!!

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I would like to see both more and less of Monique Meunier.

I'd like Andrea Quinn to realize that she needn't rush through every moment of every piece she's conducting; this is New York and you can catch a taxi at any hour of the night.

I'd like to see the Bolshoi and Kirov come back to NYC. What's with all this Washington stuff? Like it's the capital or something?

I'd like to see Kyra Nichols dancing again.

I'd like to see the Joffrey back in City Center where they belong, dammit!

I'd like to see Dvorovenko and Herrera dance Balanchine (yes, I know).

I'd like to see Ashley Bouder dance Swan Lake, preferably a real one, if such a thing exists anymore.

I'd like for Christopher Wheeldon to stop playing around with his pretty box of paints and figure out just what it is he wants to say already!

I'd like for City Ballet to go back to a month in Saratoga.

I'd like to do a grande jete en tournant without falling over.

OK, that last one is a stretch.

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Originally posted by Manhattnik:

I'd like to see the Bolshoi and Kirov come back to NYC. What's with all this Washington stuff? Like it's the capital or something?

Kirov IS coming back to the Met this summer.

I'd like the Lincoln Center renovation/expansion plan moving forward. Ideas have been floating around that the new opera house for NYCO be located in the WTC site. I think it's a great idea.

I'd like an all Balanchine season at NYCB.

I'd like the return of Blair's Swan Lake, may be with a set and costume update.

I'd like POB and RB coming back to NY.

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At the risk of sounding very 'hide-bound' and 'White Russian' indeed, I will admit first, that having moved away from NYC, I am simply hoping that sometime during 2002 I actually get to SEE some first-rate ballet or something approaching...(No slap at Atlanta Ballet -- I gather they have some terrific dancers, but when I say ballet, let alone first-rate, I don't mean Dracula.)

On the hopeful but not all that realistic front, I love the idea of bringing back a (newly designed) Blair Swan Lake...

With just barely more realism, I also hope ABT's dancers get the right direction and coaching to bring Fille Mal Gardee to life. I don't mind if they make it their 'own' (rather than try for ersatz Royal Ballet style) as long as they don't wreck it in the process.

Throwing all realism to the wind, and in the spirit of bringing New Yorkers, in particular, joy and healing, I hope Suzanne Farrell and Peter Martins share a waltz at the season-ending NYCB gala -- and that she begins working regularly with some of the company's fabulous young ballerinas.

Scaring me to death is the thought that almost every dance company in the U.S. is going to end the year on the verge of bankruptcy and that we will be feeling the effects -- in shorter seasons, taped music, layed-off dancers, cross-over choreograpy, and folded companies -- for years to come. I'll let others say if they think that is realistic or not...

Oh, and may Ross Stretton remember who Frederic Ashton was and everyone at the Maryinsky, Vaganova...

[ January 02, 2002: Message edited by: Drew ]

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That Alberto Vilar does well in his investments, so that he can continue to bankroll the Kennedy Center Kirov seasons for an additional 10 years (beyond the year 2011, which is the current commitment).

That Michael Kaiser continue to lose weight and look terrific, so that he stay healthy & happy in his current post of head of the Kennedy Center.

That the public continue to support the arts & return to pre-9/11 spending habits re. entertainment and philanthrophy for the arts.

That Washington Ballet continue its upward trend of quality programming.

That the upcoming kennedy Center Kirov & Bolshoi seasons include all of the major principals & not a selective few, as in the past. Perhaps this year Gratcheva, Lunkina, Antonicheva will be included in the Bolshoi tour? Perhaps Nikolai Tsiskaridze will be given the opportunity of dancing a leading role in a complete ballet in Washington? I'll think positively.

- Jeannie

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I hope that, in the aftermath of the events of 2001, at least a significant percentage of the typically non-balletgoing public will turn to ballet and the arts in general - for something along the lines of comfort, inspiration, joy...and that ballet companies and choreographers across the country will actually have something interesting and inspired to say.

I hope that the relatively small proportion of artists who really do have something to say will receive the financial support and critical acknowledgement that would allow their voices to reach as many people as possible.

I think ballet has to change and evolve now, maybe get beyond the triviality of much of the current repertoire, in order to survive in this new social climate.

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i would like to see at least one balsnchine or robbins peice in next years RB season.

as Mr stretton does not seem to be too concered with british choreographers he might as well include some balanchine.

The kirov balanchine programmes pr3esentedmin london were a resounding success and im sure the audeince would be only to happy to see some more of his work.............sime time in the next 2 years!!

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This is more under: wishes

Wouldn't it be wonderful if Robert Altman's film is a commercial and artistic success and it jump starts interest in ballet with more of the public. There is an outcry heard around the country that classical ballet is "in" again. Companies flourish, dancers are paid a living wage for their hard work!

I always did love fantasy!

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"I'd like for City Ballet to go back to a month in Saratoga."

Thank you Manhattnik! From your keyboard straight to Herb Chesbrough's ears!

Sadly, I am not optimistic, in fact I am downright pessimistic. Rumors abound here on a regular basis--the rumors never indicate that there will be more NYCB in Saratoga, but less.

There was some rather serious discussion in the rumor mill a few months back and I am petrified that something drastic will happen in the next year. I am not being coy. Read between my lines. There isn't too much that I can say and nothing is confirmed. But money talks and right now NYCB at SPAC isn't making any.

I've talked about this before--the fact that we have a 5200 seat theater here, twice the size of the State Theater. There is no way that it can be filled for 21 performances, and yet that appears to be the expectation. Several years ago I was part of a grassroots organization to try to build support for NYCB--sort of an NYCB Guild North, if you will. Unfortunately the group lost focus and is all but disbanded now. It is time to resurrect.

We had 25 inches of snow yesterday. I shiver through our endless winters because I love our glorious summers. If NYCB and SPAC end their relationship, I don't want to live here anymore. After all, I adore Miami City Ballet!

If anyone would like to discuss this issue further, feel free to send me a PM. If anyone is interested in helping to resurrect our support group, that would be so very welcome. If you have ever visited here, or plan to visit here, you have a vested interest. If your child ever attended or plans to attend NYSSSA, you have a vested interest. If you know anyone who has a business in Saratoga that depends on summer tourists (and they all do!) you have a vested interest. Contact me.

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