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  1. All tickets for SPAC are sold by them, not by NYCB. NYCB's website irects you to SPAC to buy tickets. The responsibility is their's.
  2. There is a famous and perhaps apocryphal story that at Apollo's premiere someone said to Balanchine "Whoever saw Apollo walking on his heels?" To which Balanchine allegedly relied, "Who has ever seen Apollo?" So this particular piece of choreography has clearly been a source of questions for many years. Personally, I've always liked the moment.
  3. Todo is a tango themed piece by Martins. I remember it as being a trio for 2 men and 1 woman.
  4. Dybbuk is based on a Yiddish play about the possession of a young woman by the malicious spirit – known as Dybbuk in Jewish folklore – of her dead beloved. Robbins keeps to the essence of the story but it is not a narrative ballet, more impressionistic. I've seen it once or twice and never really felt it was successful. It includes some fold dance elements. Robbins reworked it a number of times as well.
  5. Bouder looked very good last night in the 2nd movement of Vienna Waltzes. Quadruple pirouettes, the jump and footwork excellent and she looked very relaxed and happy. A lovely performances well partnered by Garcia.
  6. Allegra Kent did it very successfully and I think Hyltin has some of Kent's febrile, elusive quality.
  7. Shakespeare describes Oberon as an elf and Titania as a fairy and Balanchine always specifically wanted there to be a height disparity in the casting to match that. Martins has carried on that tradition. These are not human lovers or a couple IMO. They are forces of nature.
  8. I thought Pereira made a very creditable debut, getting stronger as the ballet went on. Very clean footwork and much better integration of her upper and lower body than we've seen in previous seasons. I noticed it in her performance in Serenade as well. I didn't think Stanley was an ideal partner for her, their proportions don't look good together, her slightness makes him seem heavy to me. I also want to commend Bouder for a soft, beautiful and virtuoso performance in Harlequinade. It was so lovely.
  9. Only saw 45 minutes on my lunch hour at my desk but found it fascinating. Noticed that Jason Fowler from NYCB was assisting Wheeldon.
  10. Thought it was OK - not great. The murder plot didn't really interest me.
  11. liebs


    oh yes, it is supposed to be erotic and sexy and...
  12. Ended 2013 on a very high note with the 4:00 PM New Year's Eve performance of Nutcracker at NYCB. Angle and Kowrowski were even better than last week. Bouder was a fantastic Dewdrop. She has that world and time enough quality that allows her to play with the music and the diagonal of ronde de jambes was at amazing - she was way off the ground. In the NYCB tradition there were 2 New Year's eve moments. Scordato as Mother Ginger was sporting a large, glittery bird on his wrist And in the finale, Kowrowski strewed confetti as she reached the top of the two lifts. Great way to end the year.
  13. Best - living in NYC and getting to see so much great dance all the time. NYCB: My 2013 started with a spectacular performance by Sterling Hyltin in Dewdrop that set the pace for her transformation from principal dancer to ballerina in 2013. She was memorable in a number of roles but her performance in a Man I Love from Who Cares was a high point. Tiler Peck in that same role was also wonderful and seems to go from strength to strength. A number of NYCB dancers had great years. Tess Reichlen looked great all season and was a glittering Odile. Harrison Ball really impressed me as the Je
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