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The art of discovery or how you found yourself here.


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Guest ducklingdance
Originally posted by Giannina

For both publications write to:

   Dance View   or   Ballet Alert

   P.O. Box 34435

   Martin Luther King Station

   Washington, DC  20043

Bellet Alert is $25/year (6 issues)

Dance View is $30/year (4 issues)


i wonder if i can get these in singapore? there's hardly any ballet stuff around..

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I didn't know anything like this existed. It certainly didn't when my daughter began dancing in 1986 at age 5. When she became a serious ballet student around 1995 it would have been great to have a forum like this to swap info and offer support for all those questions that come up regarding SIs, injuries, styles, and just in general learning about what others in the same position are doing around the world! A good friend and, of course, a former ballet mom, like me, turned me onto the site. Since joining about 8 months ago, I have really enjoyed reading the multitude of topics and the wonderful variety of posts. Every once in awhile I find a topic I know something about and feel compelled to post. Other times I can get absolutely lost in a topic which is so intelligently disected I find myself compelled to reread it many times. I love the daily links!!! It was actually through this thread that I finally decided to subscribe to the two publications. Thank you BA for keeping us all in "the loop."

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I discovered BA when I was directed here for a review of Sofianne Sylvie's performances with NYCB by a member of Pointe Magazine's message board. I was immediately hooked and was glad to discover people who are as obsessed with ballet as I am. It's wonderful to be able to talk with people who have seen Fonteyn and Danilova, who have watched NYCB evolve, and to discuss dancers in a more artisticly educated way (i.e. not limited to "She has great feet") Thank you so much, Alexandra and all other valuable members, for creating a haven for my greatest love.


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ducklingdance, both Dance View and Ballet Alert are available on subscription only, but one can subscribe from all continents (I'm a subscriber and I live in France). On can subscribe online on this web site (using a credit card).

You can have a look at that page for some information about it:


The rates for Asia are $40 for a year subscription to "Ballet Alert" and $50 for a year subscription to "Dance View" (and $80 for both).

Hope this helps...

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Thank you, Rachel -- both for your kind words and for your excellent posts. :) There are quite a few message boards now. In addition to those at Pointe and Dance Magazine, www.danceart.com has DOZENS of boards, mostly aimed at dancers. There are also discussion groups at www.ballet.co.uk and www.criticaldance.com. Of course, we think ours is the best, but it's good to get out and about :) (The Ballet.Co one is a bit difficult to find -- go to the Postings page.)

And thanks, Estelle, for posting the subscription link -- I've been on deadline the past few days and haven't been able to keep up with the board.

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I found Ballet Talk by doing a serch on the internet - I'm a devoted student and none of the others at my school like it as much as I do - they thought I was rather stuck up because I didn't care about anything else. But here, I find help, advice, and UNDERSTANDING PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!

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Guest Dancergal92

Being I just recently signed up, I remember how I came across BalletTalk. I was searching Ballet on Google, and I came across this site. So far, I am extremely enjoying being here. :)

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Thanks to you all who've added to this thread and, although there is not always a post in response - believe me your posts are being read! :cool: I think we all need to take a moment and silently thank the inventors of the Internet for their creative powers, don't you? :D

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I was actually referred by a friend. I am so glad to have found this place. My daughter and I were just commenting that threads so often seem to address the very things with which we are struggling. I enjoy all the things people have to contribute.


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Many thanks to all who've posted the "how" of how they got here... It's always quite something to learn of the various threads that bring us all to this place.

Here's to the inventor(s) of the Internet! I believe this has to be a posthumous "toast" but neverthelss it's a wonderful tool that still has much to be discovered... Let's just hope the government doesn't want to regulate it! ;)

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Guest Justine Coulon

I did a goggle search and "voila" I found this wonderful site! I enjoy coming here and reading everyone's thoughts, questions and answers and I have (shyly) answered some. I really think this is a great place!!!;)

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Justine, thank you so much for telling us how you found your way to Ballet Alert! :) I took the liberty of merging your post into this existing thread so we'd keep all our "how we got here" posts in one place.

Please don't be too shy with your own thoughts - especially here in "Discovering Ballet" - we're very "safe" in here. :)

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I found this site from reading another ballet message board. This is such a great place and everyone is so knowledgeable. I don't even bother to check with the other one anymore. I have since recomended this site to our AD. Now I am looking foward to seeing the results of the SI reports. Advance planning for next summer.:)

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After deciding to resume my classes after several years as an adult student, I did a search on the internet in an effort to find websites or others who shared my passion. After sifting through SEVERAL pages of sites that left much to be desired, I found this site. Impressed by the knowledge of the posters and intelligence level of the conversations (not to mention a much more respectable maturity level than some other boards), I lurked for a while to learn more. Finally, I registered and have enjoyed everyone's company ever since. I've been more active or less active at posting, depending on what may be going on in my life at any given moment, but have always returned.

I've been very impressed at the growth this site has experienced. I searched endless pages before finding BA and now it's one of the more frequently visited sites on the web, it seems!

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Melodies, can you tell me what "BBS" stands for? I'm guessing it has to be a ballet bulletin or ?

Many thanks for adding your post to this thread. :)

And you, too, JRB! Hope your daughter's AD likes it here, too. ;)

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BW, it means a "bulletin board system".

In the ancient times before Internet it was a certain kind of system you took contact to with your modem and could post thingos there kind of like to the Usenet or Web-boards these days. There were gazillions of these; each BBS could have different topics discussed there on separate forums or groups, but they didn't (mostly) share posts with each other.

(So if you contacted one BBS and posted on ballet there, people could only see that by contacting the _same_ BBS; while these days you just contact to the Internet and whatever is posted on Ballet Alert you can see no matter who your ISP. I'm simplifying here. A lot.)

These days I think BBS means just any kind of discussion forum e.g. on the Web; for instance Ballet Alert would be a BBS.

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