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  1. Hi, Grace, I only found the postal address of these school 1> Beijing Dancing Institute & its affiliated Middle School No.19 Southern Minzu Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100081, China 2> Runliang Dancing School #9371 P.O Box, Haidian District, Beijing 100093, China 3>Shanghai Dancing Middle School No.1674 Hongqiao Road, Changjing District, Shanghai 200336, China I can give you the other schools' add to you when I got them later.
  2. Melodies

    Yuan Yuan Tan

    This photo was taken in 2001 when she is 24 years old.
  3. Hi, Grace, The followings are some Dance schools in China. The schools are not solely ballet-oriented. Ballet is one of their majors 1> Beijing Dancing Institute (college) Tel: 0086-10-68935691(general) 0086-10-68411620 2> Beijing Dancing Institute affliated Middle School Tel: 0086-10-68935714 3>Ailian Dancing School Tel: 0086-10-63729712 0086-10-69935663 4>Runliang Dancing School Tel: 0086-10-82590547 5>Liaoning Ballet Company Affiliated Middle School Tel: 0086-24-86899091 6>Shanghai Dancing School Tel: 0086-21-62759603 7>Guangdong Gaoyue Dancing School http://gaoyue.6to23.com/about%20school.htm Those are some Chinese Dance training Schools, Hope it's of any help to you.
  4. Melodies

    Yuan Yuan Tan

    The above is the picture of Ms. Yuan Yuan Tan.
  5. Melodies

    Yuan Yuan Tan

    Scuffite, Can I ask where are you from, because you are not from China? Nice to meet Chinese here.
  6. Yes, BBS stands for Bulletin Board System as Janna Heino said. It's a very popular word here in China. BBS has the totally same function with forum. We have various BBS (forums) in different fields, art, science, culture and so on. I guess it's Chinese English word~ joking
  7. National Ballet of China www.ballet.org.cn The Shanghai Ballet www.sh-ballet. com The Guangzhou Ballet www.dandanballet.com Those are the top three ballet companies in mainland China
  8. I'm a member of a local Chinese ballet BBS, and friends there comment on many oversea ballet BBS. And Ballet Alert stands within top 3 topics. So I come here.
  9. Melodies

    Yuan Yuan Tan

    I feel so happy that people here are so warm to me. Do you know Ms. Zhongjing Fang are working in ABT now? She is also an excellent ballet dancer, young and ready to learn. Many young ballet dancers have gone abroad to join famous oversea ballet groups. Although it's a loss for Chinese ballet, I think it's good for their personal development. Anyhow, ballet is an exotic art. By the way, I like ABT very much because the principals possess perfect personal techniques, esp. the male dancers.
  10. Melodies

    Yuan Yuan Tan

    YuanYuan Tan is Chinese way of spell her name. I'm a Chinese, but I don't think I can give you exact pronanaciation here. If you can hear my pronanciation, you will have a clear concept of it. I'm so happy you like a Chinese dancer, in fact many Chinese ballet dancers are so excellent that they have earned a world-wide reputation. I hope more and more Chinese ballet dancers become world-known in the future. My English is not good enough. Hope you can understand me.
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