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  1. I believe I read on their website that it's in the repertoire for the Richmond Ballet.
  2. Arak


    Well, if this bothered them, why would they give their support in the first place? It's not like men in tights is a new development. I don't buy it.
  3. Arak


    I don't live near any of those places! Grrr... Patience is not a virtue of mine.
  4. And the saga continues... :rolleyes: What a diva. If I were in the position of having been rehired after being fired, I'd be happy being put in the corps de ballet. I don't care who "made" them rehire me; I'd simply be happy to have a paying job. I guess some people's priorities just lie in different areas.
  5. Arak

    Leslie Browne

    I took some classes with her at a NYC Dance Alliance workshop a few years back. I don't remember much (it was probably five or six years ago), except that I enjoyed her classes.
  6. Very true, very true. High discipline and good etiquette seem so commonplace to us dancers after a while; it's the rest of the world that has no respect or self-control! I've always said that ballet is something that everyone should experience, if only for that very reason.
  7. It was wonderful. I remember Angelina Ballerina from when I was young (I still have a doll on my bed, actually). I'm so glad to see her becoming popular again. The dancing was lovely, even in bulky dance sneakers. Poor Tom Gold just couldn't quite manage to jump up on that wall in the end, though, could he? We'll forgive him. I wish we saw more of that kind of publicity for the dance world.
  8. I know what I'll be doing Thursday morning! I am soo jealous of my roommate! She's going to NYC for Thanksgiving break. She'll be right there for the parade in person. :angry:
  9. I just had a lecture on postmodern dance this morning. Never really got a concrete definition on it though. Then again, assuming the nature of postmodern dance, that probably is the definition... I would use the term "avant-garde" to describe postmodern dance. It involves the audience in the production prcess as much as, if not more so than, with the finished product. Personally, it doesn't do much for me. Give me a good story ballet any day.
  10. Argh! Curse my immobility! Half my kingdom for a car!
  11. The Shanghai Symphony Orchestra gave a concert here tonight. They played a program that involved not only the usual European classics (William Tell Overture, Polovstian Dances, Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 23), but more recent music by Chinese composers as well (Wang's Night of the Torch Festival, Zhu's Symphony No. 10, and Tan's A Love Before Time from the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon). And as a special encore, J. P. Sousa's Stars and Stripes Forever. The music was absolutely wonderful; the audience just went wild for the pianist, Tian Jiang, and for the entire ensemble, really. Unfo
  12. I started a few days ago on The Diary of Vaslav Nijinsky. It is truly fascinating, entering the mind of an artist as he slips into psychosis. One thing I'm not quite clear on, though, is how he's writing. He makes very long run-on paragraphs, jumping from one idea to another completely unrelated. For example, one such paragraph lasts for about seven pages and covers his thoughts on Nietzche vs. Darwin, nature, ape vs. man, the fact that Nijinsky can multi-task (listen to a conversation in Hungarian while writing in Russian), working-class people, Parisian prostitutes, a complaint about his pen
  13. Yes! that's him! Thank you Alexandra. Everyone spells his name differently, and I'm never sure which one is right.
  14. One of my teachers was once a member of ABT - Joseph Carrow. I've only been here about a month and therefore I'm not terribly comfortable just yet asking him for his life history. But I'm still curious about it. All I know is that he was there around the same time as Alica Alonso (he speaks very highly of her). Anyone know where I can find what I want to know?
  15. I just ordered a copy of Nijinski's diaries. Should be here soon... In the meantime, I have a copy of The Pricess Bride (who doesn't love that movie?) to tide me over. William Goldman is a very clever man; pulled the wool right over my eyes. Just finished up Le Reine Margot, one of Alexandre Dumas' lesser-known historical novels.
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