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  1. I'm sorry, I didn't actually write it - which is probably the problem with my posting it here. It was actually featured in the Sydney Morning Herald.
  2. At our school we have a day where parents are invited to watch the class. Some students find this intimidating but most of the older ones just ignore them. I don't like it so much since that time i landed on my mum's lap ... but that's another story.
  3. Sorry about that- I didn't realise. Anyway, Ari's summary is still useful.
  4. Then the ballerina should use 'Beautiful Bun' special hair spray to give her partner something to look at!
  5. Yeah, I've actually never seen the nutcracker! I've heared the music so many times it is kind of annoying but i'd still love to see it!! Instead i voted for Swan Lake simply because we did it last year and i can't stand to hear it again for a while!! I know it'll wear off and i'll be in love with it again in no time!!!
  6. I don't really get into all the ballet dancers and stuff, i find i only have time to do the dancing itself. But on those occasions when i do go to the ballet, I love it!!! So you can enjoy the ballet without knowing the dancers. I can't really watch anything with dancers I know except the videos of our own performances. In these cases, like Doris said, i focus more on the one dancer and watch their performance rather than the general choreography.
  7. As for me... well i just got here by hopping from link to link of one ballet related site to another. Pretty much something to fill in time before ballet classes resumed and we went into exam fever!
  8. This one is mainly for the Australian members of the boards because i'm not sure if this is showing anywhere else. Has anybody seen the performance of 'Wild Zebra'? I haven't yet seen it so i'm not sure if this post actually belongs here. Delete if you wish. If you have, what was it like? And would you reccommend it to others? It seems really good!!!
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