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  1. We were there opening night and it was fabulous. Julia Adam's Ketubah was so very lovely and the Best Little Kletzmer Band really added to the ballet. Makes me want to convert and have a Jewish wedding!! Four Last Songs was lovely, as always. My fiancé was particularly taken by the huge silk drape that moves above the stage and Jessica Jones Bekkerus' beautiful soprano voice always adds to such a moving piece. Stanton Welch's Divergence truly brought the house to it's feet. Molly Glentzer's glowing review was no exaggeration. The energy in the theater was priceless and the audience cou
  2. We attended last night and it was lovely. Sara Webb was our Sugar Plum and was promoted to Principal on stage at curtain calls by Stanton Welch. Lauren Anderson is injured, so Kristina Harper, a corps member, stepped into the role of Snow Queen and did a very lovely job. What a big night for her! On a low note, Zdenek Konvalina, the Prince, injured himself in his solo just before the finale. Simon Ball stepped out of his lead flower role and finished with Sugar Plum as the prince. Were it not for the different costumes, you never would have known (aside from the poor prince working his w
  3. Hi Cricket, Sounds like you guys are going to be just fine. A nice sweater and trousers will be comfortable and still look appropriate for sure. I liked the suggestion of pearls as well, and a wrap. Speaking to that, I have a pair of gray wool flannel trousers and a black cashmere wrap sweater that I've worn to the Wortham here in Houston before and felt perfectly fine compared to everyone else. Add pearl necklace & earrings, plus a wrap and presto! changeo! you're ready for the ballet! You see everything here too...from jeans to ballgowns (I even saw someone in shorts and a T-shirt
  4. I'm with Victoria....orchestra center for the very same reasons....no more than mid-way back. Old Fashioned, I even prefer orchestra to the Founders Boxes in the Wortham. Same at Royal Opera....Orchestra for me.
  5. Yahoo! Houston gets it at 9:30 pm
  6. Sad to hear Alice was a bit of a disappointment. I missed it. We were out of town both weekends. I completely agree with Old Fashioned about Hassenboheler I saw her dance Aurora a few years ago before her promotion and thought she was wonderful. Glad to hear Sara Webb did a good job of Alice. I really like her and felt she'd give a good performance in the role. A shame the choreography didn't give a chance for her to show more of her talent. I agree with boydancer in a previous post...she is a gorgeous dancer.Old Fashioned or boydancer, did either of you happen to see the Ben Stevens
  7. Mine would also be Swan Lake. I attended with my parents and my great grandmother. That was the catalyst which lead me to dancing. My great grandmother had a great influence over me, though she probably never knew it. It was she who lead me to dance, art appreciation, drawing, painting and so many other things that define my talents and who I am today. We also attended Nutcracker with her. She had bought a copy of the souvenir program, which I looked through regularly when we went to visit her....for many years. Funny that on September 15, 2001, I introduced my fiancé to the ballet with
  8. I didn't see it, of course, being in Houston but what a shame! I really enjoy watching Cojocaru dance. She's brilliant. Kudos to Tapper and Kobborg for adjusting so quickly. Very nerve-wracking for all, I'm sure! Nice to hear they pulled it off. Jaimie Tapper is lovely to watch as well. We saw her do Giselle last season at Royal Opera. We really enjoyed it. My fiance was very moved by her performance. As he's not exactly well-versed in ballet, that speaks volumes. She really did do a beautiful job.
  9. BW, I found it on the internet. I don't have the link on hand as I cut and pasted it into a word document. Here's the title/author info, though. Plug it into Google and I'm sure you'll have success! Ballet Preview: Butterflies and chaos Choreographer Stanton Welch brings `Fingerprints' to Tulsa Ballet By James D. Watts Jr. World Entertainment Writer, Tulsa World February 15, 2002 From what I've read on our future Artistic Director, it seems as if any and everything inspires him. I also particularly liked his inspiration for "Bruiser" and "Clear" as well Bruiser: "Bruiser, he told
  10. Not an opera glass user, myself. I tend to book orchestra level seats, so not much need. I'm rather particular on where I sit. However, there have been times in lodge boxes or higher (when I've booked my tickets too late) that I would occasionally use them. I really like to try to take in the whole stage as much as possible, though when higher up, opera glasses make watching fancy footwork much easier! My fiance does always bring his and likes to occasionally look through them. He's newer to the ballet thing than I am, so he likes to check out all views....from super close-up to taking i
  11. Thanks Alexandra! I have been trying to make more of an effort to find the time to come here. It's not for lack of interest that I've been MIA, but often, rather lack of time!! I miss you guys!
  12. I read an article just recently (though it was written in Feb. 2002) regarding Stanton Welch's inspiration for 'Fingerprints'. I found it rather interesting. An excerpt below: "Stanton Welch has brought a little bit of chaos -- at least, in theory -- to Tulsa Ballet. 'The idea I had when I began working on this ballet was about how a butterfly flapping its wings on one side of the world can cause a hurricane on the other side of the world,' Welch said. 'That's the shorthand description of chaos theory.' 'And that got me thinking about how little things that we do -- or leave behind, lik
  13. I have to say, I tend to watch feet and legs mostly, but there have been specific performances where port de bras has caught my eye first. Especially if they tend to be particularly fluid. I find some dancers' facial expressions distracting (i.e. those who dance with their mouth open and eyebrows raised...not as though there's any expression behind it, but more like their face is permanently fixed). However, in some ballets, I agree....facial expressions are critical. Especially in drama. With the corps, I do tend to watch upper body more. Interesting thread....the more I thought about i
  14. After deciding to resume my classes after several years as an adult student, I did a search on the internet in an effort to find websites or others who shared my passion. After sifting through SEVERAL pages of sites that left much to be desired, I found this site. Impressed by the knowledge of the posters and intelligence level of the conversations (not to mention a much more respectable maturity level than some other boards), I lurked for a while to learn more. Finally, I registered and have enjoyed everyone's company ever since. I've been more active or less active at posting, depending
  15. Alexandra, thanks so much for the welcome back. I promise to be around more. Miss you all terribly. After the collapse of my former employer I've not been able to justify the expense of classes and season tickets, thus anything ballet-related was near torturous for me, though I would come in and lurk on occasion. I miss it all so very much. LMCtech, promise to keep the info coming from Houston! I'm anxious to see our new AD's contributions to our company. Grace, you were correct....Stanton Welch officially arrives in the beginning of July, though he will be in during company auditions
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