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  1. We are going tomorrow after I pick up my daughter at school. Can't wait!
  2. I posted on another forum how much I appreciate the heads up on this. It was wonderful.
  3. Houston area 8:30 CST on Channel 8. Cristina
  4. Arak, I think it is opening in several major cities MLK weekend. I bet you can go to the movie's website, and check opening dates for your area. Good luck!
  5. I received an offer for a contest for 2 passes to the opening in Houston. 75 will be given away. We'll see if I win! :yes:
  6. Mcqwillie, Good points. On another forum there was a discussion about educating people about the arts - whether ballet, or other arts. Where I live, people really do not see the benefit of fostering creativity through exposure to fine arts. Football is king, and sports in general rule. There are pockets of people who get it, but they are really in a minority. My family (husband, dd, and me) see ourselves as ambassadors for ballet. Of all the arts, it is the least represented, and understood in our area. We did have a lot of friends come to see our Nut (the first one presented locally i
  7. Liebs, Your statistics are interesting. I am a CPA, and do a lot of tax work. My experience (in my small part of the world) is that individuals do give much more than people are inclined to do through their businesses. However, (keep in mind I live in the Bible Belt), a huge proportion of the donations I see, go to churches and church-related organizations. In my practice, I just don't see much going to arts organizations. At best, I see people donating money to public television. There is a local arts organization that has member organizations - art gallery, symphony, theatre, natural
  8. In our part of Texas we have also seen a decline in corporate giving to the arts, and other non-profits in general. It is a tough environment.
  9. nlkflint, and others. It is not opening in the Houston area until January 16th. We'll be doing our whirlwind State of Texas tour that weekend for SI auditions. I'm hoping it opens in Dallas, also, and we can take it in that evening. Regardless of the early reviews, we are looking forward to seeing it! Cristina :hyper:
  10. As soon as I read Paul's comments I thought of Strictly Ballroom. How funny that others made that association. They are both great movies. I think I'll rent both again soon! Cristina
  11. Citibob, Adding to your list of game pieces - THE ballet bag (smelly or otherwise).
  12. You could have a student version where the chance cards could be roles in ballets. Sorry, you did not get Sugar Plum, let your parents pay $100. Or, the properties could be SI's kids want to get into. The first row would be the regionaly, lesser known SI's. You could work around to the big dogs.... Of course, when would students have time to play? What with many hours of class and rehearsals each week - you could have a travel version they could play while they have down time. It seems there is a lot of waiting around that goes on at SI's and during Nut rehearsals. Maybe not as interes
  13. All I can really say is Ditto to many of the comments that precede this. BA helps me be a better ballet parent; It broadens my horizons and enlightens me about ballet, literature, and many other topics; It gives me lots of perspective on the world of ballet out there; As VRS said, it keeps me on my toes with grammar and punctuation! It also gives my dd a place to share her passion for ballet. Happy Birthday BA!!! :party: :huepfen: :yes:
  14. :rolleyes: Balletnutter's response reminded of something that we did for several years when my dd was younger. We live near Houston, and the theatre district has an open house every year on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon about the time kids go back to school. All theatre venues downtown are open. Each performing arts organization is represented. In Wortham theatre they have an area where ballerina's are in their beautiful custumes; they have the opera folks doing stuff; all kinds of dancers and musicians are performing; they have an instrument petting zoo where children can play with
  15. Our story is a bit like MSD's with our dancing daughter. Interesting boy story: I have two friends who have boys. When the boys were about 5 they came to our school's performance of Mid-Summer. There was a 13-year-old boy who performed, and is to this day really fun to watch. The 5-year-olds decided that ballet was a pretty neat thing - with all the action. One actually decided to take dance. The other has been to other performances, and hopefully is developing an appreciattion for it. This is one of the nice aspects of having a small ballet school that affords our dancers performance
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