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2018-19 Season

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6 hours ago, silvermash said:

I think what Nureyev brought from what he learnt from his time at Kirov is just fine, it's his own additions and reworked of choreographical aspects which are debatable... The third act of Raymonda is indeed beautiful, Bayadère as well and it's his most achieved ballet IMO... Swan Lake has some issues, Romeo and Juliet and Cinderella, well.... Staging is often questioned but the choreography is really unrealistic...

I have heard although not seen personally Nureyev choreography and the thing that stuck with me was a performer saying he felt it was almost "hard for the sake of being hard". I can't help  but wonder if the prodigy type talent Nureyev had made certain technical ablilities seem more attainable than they really are for even the most accomplished of dancers and that is why his stagings are known to be "so hard".

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