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2016-2017 Company Promotions and Retirements

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I'm 43, and Lorena is older than me. She must be on the verge of retirement.

Both Lorena and Yuan Yuan are taking the slow, scenic route to retirement. ;)

Good for them - I would like to see a general change in the dance work environment to allow dancers to have longer careers, if they so choose. But that will necessitate less arduous schedules and shorter days for each individual dancer, and most big companies have very full, concentrated seasons that are very hard on the body.

Here's a company picture from the President's office in Iceland:


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I thought this has been in effect since his "retirement". His bio says he's had this position since 2014.

You are probably right PeggyTulle - it's hard to know exactly when the web page was finally updated. I would love to see Pascal Molat added to this page. ;)

I wonder what his plans are?

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