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2016-2017 Season

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Here we go!


Ratmansky World Premiere: The Fairy's Kiss

Other company premieres:

Walpurgisnacht Ballet (Balanchine)

Glass Pieces (Robbins)

Calcium Night Light (Martins)

Carousel Pas de Deux (MacMillan)

Bach Partita (Tharp)

Program I: Giselle

Program II — ‘Serenade,’ ‘Carousel Pas de Deux,’ ‘Calcium Light Night,’ ‘Glass Pieces’

Program III — ‘Walpurgisnacht Ballet,’ ‘Polyphonia,’ ‘The Fairy’s Kiss’

Program IV — ‘Bach Partita,’ ‘Arden Court,’ ‘Who Cares?’

And of course The Nutcracker.

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I saw Ratmansky's "Fairy's Kiss" at the Mariinsky in the late '90s with Ayupova as Bride and Lopatkina as the Fairy. Even that was, I think, a restaging of an even earlier version for RDB or some other company. This must be a new staging for Miami. Not really a "world premiere" unless one considers a restaging to be such. The Mariinsky version with Ayupova/Lopatkina was beautiful, so Miami is in for a treat.

Here's a little taste of the ballet, with a very young Lopatkina. Enjoy while it lasts!


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