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ABT dancers featured in Club Monaco holiday campaign

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The photos in the ad are horrible and obviously not taken by someone familiar with dance.

I am not their consumer but loved the photos myself and thought they are very much the Vogue look. IMO, the objection of "not taken by someone familiar with dance" isn't an issue especially since it is a fashion house and not a ballet studio. The idea they used ballet dancers is nice since I think this brings attention to the ballet world. I see so many dancers do worse things to show themselves off, this is at least a nice upscale company. Actually just saw this of Royal lll and McCune they posted and thought these two nice looking dancers are well represented in fashion <https://instagram.com/p/-PM9xpAszz/?taken-by=clubmonaco>.

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I don't know if I'd characterize the photos as "horrible" from an editorial point of view, but I think I get what ivypink is saying. A couple images made me cringe, as they caught some of the dancers, Gemma Bond in particular, in very undancerly moments -- mid-jump with floppy feet or falling off pointe. It almost made me wish they let them wear street shoes, and didn't incorporate pointe work. I couldn't believe there weren't better shots.


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I just wanted to note that several dancers from the Colorado Ballet were featured in a fashion photo shoot of the November issue of Denver Life. My first reaction: what a great way for the dancers to earn a little extra money and for the Denver community to be reminded of the Ballet. I think this is great, and I'm glad to see it popping up in other cities. (These were shot on the stage of the Ellie Caulkins Opera House, where the company performs.)


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