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  1. and another debut: Joo Won Ahn as Siegfried (sorry if mentioned)
  2. According to the Master Calendar both Brandt and Lane's Desirees are TBA. Since Trenary is with Gorak for her two, it seems unlikely Lane will be paired with him again. If not Cornejo maybe Blaine Hoven can get a chance here.
  3. I completely agree regarding Gorak. He was much weaker in last year's Sleeping Beauty than several years back with Boylston. And after last week's T&V, I'm afraid I have to avoid him. I feel quite bad for Lane who keeps getting stuck with him and whom I'd rather not avoid. I would much rather see Gabe Stone Shayer get these opportunities, honestly. He shone in Harliquinade and Whipped Cream, and he always seems to rise to the occasion. Great news about Hurlin. Also looking forward to Murphy's return and Kim's visit.
  4. It wasn't a fall season performance. It was one of those July 4 matinees at the Met, a mixed bill. Edited: I found it. (Not July 4, Memorial Day!) " The Memorial Day matinee at 2:00 P.M. on Monday, May 25 will feature Diana Vishneva's ABT debut in Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux." My mom and I front row grand tier seats. It was a memorable performance. In my searching I read that Misty copeland and Jared Matthews were to dance Tchai Pas that season. Did that happen?
  5. I think Boylston also danced No Assembly Required (while still in the corps) although I thought I saw it at City Center. In terms of Balanchine, I'm happy with anything except Prodigal Son and Fancy Free, which I've seen too much. (And yet I have very special memories of a Vishneva/ Corella Tchaicovsky Pas that just can't be matched by the current squad.)
  6. But Mack is only dancing one Ali (a Wednesday matinee). I think it's obvious they are bringing him to the Met to dance Conrad with Schevchenko. Do Scott, Klein, Maloney, or the others you mentioned have the size or the technique to pull off that partnering assignment? I don't think they'd want to try! One doesn't need a big fan base to get a chance on the Met stage in one of these big roles. I saw Cory Stearns debut as Conrad with Dvorovenko when he was a 22 year old corps member who most of the audience was unfamiliar with. He had been practicing the role with Veronika Part and Dvor
  7. I agree Misty will be an excellent Pierrette. As others have mentioned, she excels in comedic roles. (She was terrific in Coppelia with Cornejo.) It really doesn't make sense to avoid her in *everything* because she can't meet the intense technical demands of Swan Lake. Although Harliquinade is Petipa, it doesn't make the technical demands on the principal dancers of say a Sleeping Beauty or Swan Lake. Still I loved it so much, and can't wait to see it again. I think much of the genius in the reconstruction is in what Ratmansky does with groups, but it's also just a lot of fun.
  8. ABT Fan, I'd love to see On the Dnieper revived too. (I thought I was the only one!) I think only Hallberg and Seo remain from the original lead casts. I also think it would be fun to bring back Bright Stream with this new crop of dancers. Audiences love that ballet. I love the score. I think the Zina role (danced by Reyes, Herrera, and Kent back in 2011) would suit Copeland and Trenary well. And it would be great to see Murphy and Boylston revive the ballerina role. Excited that Harliquinade is likely. I was only able to see one cast (Trenary and Shayer) because I have a smal
  9. Boylston danced Gamzatti at Mariinsky. Seo danced Giselle, perhaps a year or two later. I think there is some video of both appearances on youtube. Not sure if there was any other coaching.
  10. I was there last night. Boylston was terrific. I think Giselle is one of her strongest roles. She's got mad hops, as they say in the basketball world, and she has really made strides in controlling her tendency to jerk her head and neck with her big jumps. Her leaps, which always soared, now look more effortless with a more relaxed upper body. I think her acting has improved too. There were no technical snafus, and her characterization, especially in the first act, was just wonderful. Strong hops on pointe, lingering balances, and soaring leaps -- yeehaw! Whiteside danced well.
  11. Thank you for your review NYSusan. I'm glad you were pleasantly surprised by Seo's performance. I felt the same way when I caught her Swan Lake last year. Looking forward to reading everyones' reviews here. I have a small child at home now, so I'm only able to attend five performances this season. I've never seen Boylston's Giselle so I'm giving her a shot this year. It's a pity about Lendorf, but so it goes.
  12. I haven't seen Gisele Bethea on stage this season at all, and between her height and her feet she's hard to miss. Has anyone noticed her?
  13. I forgot about Eric Tamm. I really thought he was a soloist! I recall him partnering Gillian and Stella, so he must have been tall.
  14. Don't get me wrong, I idolized Ferri growing up -- had her picture from Dance Magazine plastered inside my locker at school. I totally agree with you. And we can choose casts based on their strengths. For instance, I didn't go to Misty's Giselle or Swan Lake this season, but I admired her performances in La Fille and Coppelia, where I thought she managed beautifully both technically and theatrically. Like Ferri, she is not suited to everything she is cast in.
  15. Here's just one example that popped up in a quick search, from a 1995 review of Bayadere. http://www.nytimes.com/1995/05/08/arts/dance-review-a-triple-feature-of-la-bayadere.html "Ms. Ferri radiated some of her old luminosity in the "Shades" segment, but her technique here faltered unacceptably for a dancer of her rank."
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