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Favorite SFB Short Video Clips

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And the baton is passed to - Pacific Northwest Ballet

Sequentia continues!!!  If you all recall, at the time the pandemic began SFB premiered a video called Sequentia.   A dancer would begin to dance and then pass on to the next dancer whose movement would begin with the previous dancers last move.  New York City Ballet picked up where SFB left off, and then ABT followed.  Up next is Pacific Northwest Ballet.  The video will premiere tomorrow at 10 AM PT.  I found links on their FB and YouTube pages:




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2 hours ago, FireDancer said:

Sans mask, but not in the studios... 

Unfortunately we're not likely to see any rehearsal video right now, given that SFB hasn't been allowing the dancers to post such things, and, SFB has hinted that they may be doing some of their own behind-the-scenes filming to be made available to subscribers. It's all going to be very controlled from here on. I just wish they would film more of the digital season performances at this time to allow the newly promoted and new hires more opportunities to be seen. But I don't think the money (or time) is there to make it happen.

Post-pandemic future dreams:
I'd like SFB to stream videos of 1st or 2nd cast performances as a digital season that  runs a week or two behind the live programming. Either that, or it would simply follow the regular season in May - July. That would allow people from around the world paid access to SFB performances.

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Madison Keesler improvising in the studio:

'Yesterday I took my body with both it’s beauty as well as all it’s imperfections and allowed myself to just move to my favorite music in an empty studio without trying to think or judge myself. I’ve never had a “perfect ballet body” but I do have a body that does ballet and I’m always trying to find ways to appreciate where I am now and continue to grow to where I want to go..'


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35 minutes ago, FireDancer said:

How wacky 😂  (I believe that is Jaime Garcia Castilla :) )

You could be right - I was making an assumption based on the previous video that definitely has Diego. But I see the balding head above the beard now.  ;)
Diego may be the videographer on this one.

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As Sasha De Sola reminds us, today is George Balanchine's birthday (January 22nd, 1904):

My very first exposure to Balanchine‘s choreography was at the Stiefel and Stars summer intensive, way back when! (PS. Thank you Ethan, @gillianemurphy and Sascha for that opportunity 🙏) I was cast to do the Fascinatin’ Rhythm solo from ‘Who Cares?’ for the final performance. I remember feeling quite intimidated by this seemingly drastically different style compared to the Vaganova training I was accustomed to, but the musicality and the sense of freedom in movement was incredibly exhilarating for me. Since then I’ve been so fortunate to dance so many Balanchine ballets which are still some of my all-time favorite works to dance. Happy birthday Mr. B, thank you for creating so many beautiful works that dancers love to interpret! Truly living by his words, “see the music, hear the dance”. 🎶🙏


Will we see Sasha dance in Diamonds this digital season? Stay tuned...

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