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Favorite SFB Short Video Clips

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Misa Kuranaga posted a short rehearsal clip of Soirées Musicales (shot in Verona Italy) on her Instagram page, and Chris Stowell happened to comment:

"How nice to see this pas de deux that Helgi made for Kristin Long and I is still being performed! Show more, I can’t remember it 😬"


There's also a bit more footage of Kuranaga and Greco from this same Roberto Bolle & Friends performance in Italy [at 1:57]:


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This is just great (from Jahna Frantziskonis)

Madison Keesler, Ben Freemantle and the disembodied voice of Felipe Diaz

How Misa Kuranaga spends her mornings before SFB remote company class:


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Natasha Sheehan captured Felipe Diaz leading Worldwide Ballet Class. A lot of SFB dancers were taking part in this class (as well as dancers from various companies). This is one of many competing online ballet classes right now.  😉
[2 short video captures]

Sasha Mukhamedov possibly taking the above class (Felipe's voice is in the background). Not an ideal ballet studio, but...


Compare with Sasha's post: what company class used to look like:


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