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  1. How wacky 😂 (I believe that is Jaime Garcia Castilla )
  2. It looked like it was all at MMAC. It's a black box theater made from two studios combined into one: wings in one, seats in the other. Small indeed.
  3. Sasha was beeeautiful in Etudes! And yes, lovely in the Sylphide section which I don't usually enjoy as much.
  4. There's also the issue of tan (or worse sunburn) marks. These can often linger for months...
  5. Oops! That's highly surprising... You definitely shouldn't go in the sun around performance times...
  6. Understood. I just really love that character 😊 Maxim Izmetiev was particularly wonderful with the Mariinsky this fall in Berkeley!
  7. For the record, the lead fakir's name is Magdaveya.
  8. Sorry I was unclear- I was talking about their arms and legs etc I'm not sure about their faces as the picture is too far to tell exactly. The Shades actually have lightened skin, like most corps de ballet roles of the sort (think Swans, Wilis, etc) You can see a corps de ballet member being yelled at for not having enough white powder on in Swan Lake here:
  9. That was exactly my point. She could have had an interesting conversation with them and opened their eyes to what the costumes bring up for her and others. And even though the girls have no say about what they wear, they might have become more sensitive about posting pictures and if any are in a position of power or influence later, changed the costumes if it hasn't happened yet. Yes! Yes! Other characters definitely have skin-darkening makeup, some very elaborate with Shiva marks on the fakirs. I actually really enjoyed what felt like a very authentic Lead Fakir
  10. No one suggested they were in trouble however, what a traumatic experience!
  11. Agreed. There was a suicide at the Bolshoi Academy last year- let's hope there's no repeat! 😢
  12. For me, it's about how, in my opinion, Misty handled it poorly for the many reasons I stated in my previous comments. I agree that these costumes could be changed without negatively affecting the ballet. In fact, when the Mariinsky was in Berkeley, I enjoyed the D'Jampé girls performing in their Act I costumes with the Golden Idol more than the little kids. I hope the conversation can continue but the way it was started (this as well as the way Berkeley Ballet school refused to wear those costumes at the last minute last fall- what were the company going to do? Make new ones right t
  13. I obviously can't be certain as I don't know these kids personally, but from personal experience, when you're training in these types of school, your whole life is BALLET. The internet has definitely changed the world (case in point, these girls getting harassed like this), but it still may very well be that the girls had no idea the costumes are controversial as that conversation is not part of their reality. And there's no way they would willingly put themselves in the line of fire- why would anyone do so? However, imagine receiving a message from a famous dancer wanting to talk to you
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