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Sat, 29 August: Ashton's SYLVIA, live from Argentina!

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As mentioned in my post on the Teatro Colon South America thread, the live webcast of Ashton 's SYLVIA can be accessed through:


Time: 8pm local time, so 7pm in Eastern US, for ex. I'm assuming that my favorite pair of Nadia Muzyca and Federico Fernandez will star, as I first caught wind of this via Federico's twitter account (later confirmed by Teatro Colon's own twitter and Facebook accounts).

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Thanks. This is exciting, as Macarena is the youngest of the Sylvias (22? 23?) and still in the corps. I saw her dance a bridesmaid variation in the DON Q Wedding Scene a couple of weeks ago, as part of the Colon's annual ballet gala. I'm sure that she won't disappoint. Although a graduate of the national ballet school affiliated with the Colon, she began her career with Inaki Urlezaga's private troupe before transferring to the Colon.

By the way, the name is Macarena Gimenez, not Martinez...odd typo on the Colon 's web.

The Aminta, Fabrizio Coppo, is also very good & also just in the corps at the moment. He is a graduate of La Scala's school and is very handsome in the Bolle manner. :)

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The same thing is happening in the UK, Helene ... Two people have posted so far on BalletcoForum.

Agree that the orchestra sounds good ... which makes the loss of the picture particularly distressing. Ah, well .... smile.png ... Can't have everything, huh .... and here it is 1230 am .... so may listen to it while falling asleep ... At least I won't feel guilty in that case.

Maybe the video will end up on youtube ... ;)

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I'm trying to decide if the new AD did it on purpose to keep his dancers from being poached, or if he's kicking himself because the ones who are less likely to fit into his new/old contemporary rep weren't seen and poached.

Go, Diana, go! Yes, she saved the day and is dancing up a storm! No, wait, she didn't, and now she's storming up a storm! Hmm, second thoughts, and all's well.

And many virtual bravos for the violin soloist in the pas de deux.

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