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World Festival of Ballet, Tokyo August 2015

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I am currently attending this, I will post about the program later. There is a tentative one here but doesn't list who's dancing what.


Some of the very impressive ones on Program A was Swan Lake by Lopatkina and Korsuntsev, The Farewell Waltz by Isabelle Guerin and Manuel Legris, Manfred by Mathias Heymann, The Old Man and Me by Vishneva and Malakov, Raymonda by Alexandrova and Lantratov, plus quadruple fouettes in Rojo's Black Swan, Osiel Gunneo's pirouettes.

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Sorry to be late. I will post the program, and later add some views about it.

Program A

Tchaikovsky Pas de duex Iana Salenko and Steven McRae

Trois Gnossiennes Maria Eichwald, Marijn Rademaker

The Lady and the Hooligan Ashley Bouder, Igor Zelensky

Black Swan Tamara Rojo, Alban Lendolf

The Farewell Waltz Isabelle Guerin, Manuel Legris

Other Dances Amandine Albisson, Mathieu Ganio

Manfred Mathias Heymann

Giselle Sarah Lamb, Vadim Muntagirov

Raymonda Act 3 pas de duex Maria Alexandrova, Vladislav Lantratov

Verklungene Feste  Anna Laudere, Edvin Levazov, Silvia Azzoni, Alexandre Riabko

Cinderella Alina Cojocaru, Johan Kobborg

The Old Man and Me Diana Vishneva, Vladimir Malakhov

Flames of Paris Iana Salenko, Daniil Simkin

Swan Lake act 2 Ulyana Lopatkina, Danila Korsuntsev

Together Alone Aurelie Dupont, Herve Moreau

Onegin Act 1 pas de deux Alicia Amatriain, Freidemann Vogel

Don Quixote Viengsay Valdes, Osiel Gunneo

The gala lasted 4 and a half hours, and this program A will be performed 5 times.

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Thank you, Naomikage

Please can you post details of the second programme?

Have you any comments to add?

This has been a very strange 'world festival' as virtually nothing has appeared about it onlline. I have seen a promo piece to camera from Vadim Muntagirov, a clip of Tamara Rojo at the beginning of her Black Swan solo, a clip of Osiel Gouneo in the Don Q pdd, and some stills of Steven McRae and Iana Salenko. Otherwise, Japan seems to be keeping it all very much to itself!

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Oh I am sorry I haven't add much comments yet as I was tired. I will but the performances end like 10:30 in the evening and It takes an hour to go home, after watching 4 and a half hour performance with very short intermissions. And it is so insanely hot this summer!

The B program started today and I will attend tomorrow and I will post the program after that, as there were some last minute cancellations even the Japanese program popped out this morning.

I do think they should do more English publicity, there are increasing number of people coming from overseas to see this event, some of my friends from other countries are here for this.

Here's a clip of the curtain call of Program A. NBS has posted some more comment promo videos on their YT channel

NBS YT Channel


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Oh, my, Program A is yuuuuummmmmy! Yes, sandik, the program is quite varied and among the offerings, I find it very interesting that Ashley Border is dancing with Igor Zelensky, two dancers I greatly admire. Also, Trois Gnossiennes - I don't know anything about it but it must be Satie's music -ooohh!!

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Ashley Border with Zelensky was The Young Lady and the Hooligan, a very Soviet style drama but with some Hollywood musical influence, curious piece and Border was such a virtuoso, Zelensky could still dance very well with beautiful leaps.

Trois Gnossiennes is a very beautiful and thrilling piece by Hans van Manen (and music is of course Erik Satie), a DVD is available (Hans van Manen Festival) with Ulyana Lopatkina dancing. Here is a promo clip of the DVD.

The repertoire was varied but quite classical based, I wished there were more pieces by contemporary choreographers. But anyway, there is no other gala that boasts so many international stars, and it is such a pleasure to see this. I will later report of program B which was even more enjoyable than the program B.

Marcelo arrived in Tokyo this morning, and surprisingly he did perform a solo in the afternoon, a solo he danced for the Ardani Gala, he showed no signs of tiredness. From Monday he will perform with Vishneva, Vertigo, a piece by Mauro Bigonzetti and at the special gala, Nuages.

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Fascinating -- I know the Ashton choreography to this score pretty well, but hadn't seen this. For all that it's a beautiful piece of music, it seems to have a very powerful affect on people who make dances to it (rather like Sacre, now that I think about it) -- what other works do people here know that use the Satie Gymnopedie or Gnossiennes?

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Sorry to be late but here is the program for Program B. I have to note that after the two performances, Marijn Rademaker (Dutch National Ballet) was injured and had to withdraw from the rest of the performances, sad because he was a passionate, beautiful Armand with magical partnering technique in Neumeier's Lady of the Camellias. Alexandre Riabko replaced him in this work with a very short rehearsal and he was also superb in that.

Marcelo Gomes arrived on the morning of August 9th from and on that day he performed a solo he choreographed himself, Four Dances form Tristesse. For later dates, he danced Vertigo (Mauro Bigonzetti) with Diana Vishneva.

Diana and Acteaon Viengsay Valdes, Osilel Guneo

Cinderella Iana Salenko, Vladimir Malakhov

One for My Baby from Sinatra Suite Igor Zelensky

Peer Gynt Anna Laudere, Edvin Levazov

Four Dances form Tristesse Marcelo Gomes (only for August 9th)

Raymonda Dream Adagio Ulyana Lopatkina, Danila Korsuntsev

Sleeping Beauty Liudmilla Konovalova, Matthias Heymann

No Man's Land Alina Cojocaru, Johan Kobborg,

Le Corsaire Sarah Lamb, Vadim Muntagirov

Danses Grecques Oscar Chacon

Manon pas de deux from act 1 Aurelie Dupont, Herve Moreau

Legende Alicia Amatriain, Friedemann Vogel

Lady of the Camellias Act 3 Pas de Deux Tamara Rojo, Alban Lendorf

Les Bourgeois Daniil Simkin

The Old Man and Me Diana Vishneva, Vladimir Malakhov (8/8,8/9 only)

Dying Swan Ulyana Lopatkina

Sylvia Silvia Azzoni, Alexandre Riabko

Lady of the Camellias Act 1 Pas de Deux Maria Eichwald, Marijn Rademaker (Rademaker replaced by Riabko on 8/11)

La Chauve-Souris Isabelle Guerin, Manuel Legris

Don Quixote Maria Alexandrova, Vladislav Lantratov

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