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Ralph Fiennes to Direct Nureyev Movie

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David Hare, who's worked with Fiennes before, is writing the screenplay. The casting problem is no less difficult than the one that confronted Herbert Ross with Nijinsky. Let's hope that Fiennes reaches a better solution.

The only dancer I would cast as Nureyev is Nureyev. It's too bad that in the Sixties nobody had him play himself in a movie about his defection. Something like The Jackie Robinson Story, only better.

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I have some reservations about this project but hopefully it will turn out fine.

I can easily imagine Malakhov as Nureyev however, he's too old now to portray young defection-era Nureyev. Obviously finding a dancer who can act would be ideal, but that's a rare thing (Moira Shearer was one in a million imo) so I would settle with a good actor and a dance double plus good editing. This combination might be rather hard to find also when I think about it.

Also, I suppose a film about Nureyev will necessarily include his partnership with Fonteyn and I really can't imagine someone who would fit that role and who could dance in a similar fashion. Anne Marie Duff who played her in that terrible "Margot" film was really a poor choice...

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Good points, Mailied. And welcome to the board. :)

I was actually somewhat surprised by the BBC biopic. No masterpiece, but a respectable effort. Duff was certainly not an ideal choice for Fonteyn, but she's a good actor and always interesting to watch, and Michiel Huisman, who played Nureyev, wasn't bad either.

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Sadly, Polunin has a reputation for not finishing what he started and admitted drug use. I suspect insurance for him would be costly, although he has the temperament and technique for it, if he can translate that temperament into film.

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Good points, Mailied. And welcome to the board. smile.png

Thank you. flowers.gif

I agree that Duff is a good actress, it's just didn't think she was a good choice for the role. I liked the guy playing Nureyev quite a bit. Definitely not a great actor but he did have some of the aura I associate with Nureyev.

Now my problem with the project. It woudln't be hard to make a fascinating film about Nureyev as his life really was like a movie (rise from poverty, spectacular defection, partnership with prima ballerina, fame and prestige, lots of money and quite spectacular downfall too). But this is a movie about a dancer and I want to see more than 5 seconds of dance in it, which I don't see how they will manage. ermm.gif

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Willing suspension of disbelief will enter heavily into it, I imagine. I don't think there's a dancer who could play Nureyev convincingly in all stages of his life, but if this project concentrates on, say, the defection, I think you could and should cast a dancer in the role.

I wonder if it would be possible to reconstruct the solo Ashton did for RN when he first arrived at the Royal?

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