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New Etoile at Paris Opera Ballet

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That 'Artists' front page at the POB Web site is really out-of-date. Amandine Albisson is listed as a premier when she's an etoile, Christophe Duquenne and Stephane Phavorin are listed as premiers when they are retired, Arthur Raveau is listed instead of Artur Allard, etc., etc.

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That 'Artists' front page at the POB Web site is really out-of-date.

It's the English-language mirror that got lost in the shuffle. The French side is more or less up-to-date and reflects the fact that Arthur Raveau now goes by Artur Allard. (So there was another tweak.) I have a feeling the web site will be completely overhauled for the next season, so the webmasters are no longer bothering to perfect the current one.

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Laura Hequet was a premier danseuse, she was promoted after the competition last November, it was a big news as she was sidelined by injury for long.

And Mathilde Froustey wrote a very touching congratulations on her blog when Laura got promoted as premier as they were classmates at the POB school and considered rivals for a long time.

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