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I was about to mention that almost fell off my chair when they announced that Osipova would star in the next ROH ballet screening - FILLE, in May. Well, it's only uphill for Osipova after her shabby Odette. Good news: we'll get McRae as Colas!

To add to the misery, we were given a glance of Evgenia Obraztsova during rehearsals of the current ROH run of SL. Oh, if only some miracle might occur and Obraztsova ends up dancing Lise in the cinemas showing of FILLE in May, opposite McRae, with whom she has danced so magnificently as a guest of the Royal lately. I think that the marketers are getting it all wrong. On the other hand, I wouldn't mind seeing Osipova in ultra-athletic ballets by Forsythe or McGregor...but fat chance that modern triple bills can be marketed for cinemas showings.

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If I recall correctly, didn't we see McRae in Fille a couple years ago? Cannot remember off the top of my head who was Lise.

It would be great if the Royal could take advantage of Osipova's popularity right now to get people into the cinemas with a triple bill.

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Thanks so much for filling in the blank!

Back to Swan -- I was interested in seeing this production, in part because they'll be changing it out soon. In general, it seems to me that people think they have to have a concept when they come to new productions of old works. There are aspects of this one that I think do work well, but some of what I feel are essential elements of Swan Lake get overlooked here.

So happy to see the Ashton Neopolitan Dance! The video would be worth it, if only for that!

Osipova seemed to be working with a more naturalistic approach to the character, inside a production that doesn't really support that. It reminded me very much of her Giselle, which is not a bad connection, but I don't know that everyone else was on the same page.

(and I know it's silly, but the costume for Siegfried reminded me of the policemen's uniforms in Pirates of Penzance. I still miss Tony Azito)

As far as the ancillary materials are concerned, Darcy Bussell is getting much more assured at the host duties. She's got more substantial things to say, and more aplomb when she's on camera. I thought the tea table idea was pretty silly, but her interview with Anthony Dowell had some very thoughtful moments.

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I didn't like Osipova in this at all. Odile, Odette...there is nothing positive I can say about her portrayal. I think her company hopping has taken it's toll on her dancing. And I also think she just doesn't succeed well in these classical types of roles. Maybe the Bolshoi was right when they didn't cast her in these types of parts. And they plan on putting this on DVD? Yikes. I also dislike this production. The dark backdrop, the costumes...just terrible. The only thing I enjoyed was the corp and the miming.

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Not all RB cinemas productions make it to DVD, especially if there were errors during the live show, e.g., the female solos in the pas de trois.

Osipova and Acosta were fantastic in last year's GISELLE, which rightfully made it to DVD.

Last year's SLEEPING BEAUTY cinemas-cast should make it to DVD because of the wonderful performances of Lamb and McRae...but I'm afraid that the sub-par performance of the Lilac Fairy may have blown all chances.

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In this case the ROH came out three days after the broadcast and announced that this Swan Lake would be released on DVD. Since there has been no similar announcement regarding The Sleeping Beauty, you're probably right about it staying in the vaults.

I did some rough math and found that less than a quarter of live-to-cinema ballets have made it to DVD.

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The decision to release something on DVD probably factors in all kinds of elements. In this case, Osipova is likely a big selling point. Whether you liked her performance or not, she's an "it" girl at the moment.

Precisely, sandik. It's the "it" & the box office factor that goes with "it;" much less the fact that her swan needs a lot of work too. I will say this: The Bolshoi was also correct in denying her

O/O as well.

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I finally had an opportunity to see this and agree that the performances from Osipova and Golding were a bust. I won't write off Osipova's Odette completely, because it's clearly a work in progress. It was actually her Odile I disliked intensely because of the charmless way she plowed through the choreography. Ultimately I was far more disappointed by Golding, because the role shouldn't have been such a stretch for him. I found him stiff, awkward and inexpressive. It occurred to me that I hadn't seen him in a tragic ballet previously, and it's possible that he simply lacks the requisite acting skills. In any case, beautiful pirouettes do not a performance make, and he seems to be a diminished performer since joining the Royal Ballet. I honestly didn't expect to prefer the previous cinemacast Siegfried of Nehemiah Kish (the Kevin Costner of ballet), but Kish was much better. Gary Avis overacted shamelessly, so I did my level best to ignore him. On the other hand, I thought Elizabeth McGorian was quite splendid.

I did like the first-act trio, Francesca Hayward's problems in her diagonal of turns notwithstanding, and the two big swans, and there's a reason Laura Morera and Ricardo Cervera have performed the Neapolitan dance in every broadcast of this production. But apart from them, despite its internationalization, the Royal Ballet still can't reproduce plausible national dances. I was tempted to bail out before the end, but I'm glad I didn't, because I thought the fourth-act corps provided the best dancing of the evening.

Cynthia Harvey looks sensational.

I certainly won't be sorry to see this production go. Horrid thing.

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A most disappointing performance in my view. There is no need for me to echo what all other posters have commented, I will only say that I totally agree.

Generally I found the production (I have never seen this live, so sets and costumes were new to me) greatly lacking in atmosphere, costumes especially looked tatty and cheap. The entire performance left me with a sense of profound sense of disappoinment.

When I have time I will post in another forum, the Bolshoi Sleeping Beauty. That was another piece of cake entirely!

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