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  1. The National・Central Ballet of China was found in 1959. This Gala covers achievement of Central Ballet of China last 60 years. 1) Stars in Central Ballet of China. 《Swan Lake》Dancers : Zhang Jian, Sun Ruichen & Corps de ballet 《Le Corsaire》Dancers : Zhan Xinlu, Li Wentao, Guan Chongzheng 《Giselle》Dancers : Wan Qimin, Zhang Xi & Corps de ballet 2) Ballet Masters & Central Ballet of China. 3) Ballet development in China. https://youtu.be/bqCzLXRjmrE The link could not be embedded. It must be watched on YouTube. https://youtu.be/bqCzLXRjmrE
  2. It is very appealing to me! I thought the “Rose Adagio balancing” is kept by Ratmansky for audiences’ interests, though, not original. Is the fish diving also the same case. 😊
  3. Next broadcasts Sunday, May 12 at 17:00 on Mezzo Live HD Monday, May 13 at 21:00 on Mezzo Live HD Wednesday, May 15 at 02:00 on Mezzo Live HD Thursday, May 16 at 06:00 on Mezzo Live HD Friday, May 17 at 13:00 on Mezzo Live HD Tuesday, May 21 at 09:30 on Mezzo Live HD Sunday, May 26 at 18:30 on Mezzo Live HD Monday, May 27 at 22:30 on Mezzo Live HD Wednesday, May 29 at 03:30 on Mezzo Live HD Thursday, May 30 at 07:30 on Mezzo Live HD Tuesday, June 4 at 11:00 on Mezzo Live HD Tuesday, June 11 at 20:30 on Mezzo I am sure I am not able to watch it for wrong location. But I am very interested to know how good it is. Is it a men's ballet? I mean there are a lot of men's dancing pieces? Does Callas sing in this ballet? 😳
  4. if there would be any change, see: https://www.bolshoi.ru/en/performances/154/roles/#20190519180000 The Casting page for this performance. to music by Georges Bizet and Rodion Shchedrin Carmen Suite Ballet in one act Cast 19 May 2019 The casting for Petrushka: https://www.bolshoi.ru/en/performances/7038/roles/#20190519180000 Petrushka 19 May 2019 Petrushka Denis Savin Ballerina Ekaterina Krysanova Moor Anton Savichev Charlatan Vyacheslav Lopatin Young Merchants Dmitry Dorokhov Nikita Kapustin Egor Khromushin Mikhail Kryuchkov Artur Mkrtchyan Alexander Vodopetov Alexander Voytyuk Merchant Women Nino Asatiani Ekaterina Besedina Vera Borisenkova Anastasia Ermolaeva Marfa Fyodorova Elizaveta Khokhlova Anita Pudikova Conductor Pavel Klinichev
  5. 19 May 2019 Carmen Svetlana Zakharova Jose Denis Rodkin Torero Mikhail Lobukhin Corregidor Vitaly Biktimirov Fate Olga Marchenkova Tobacco Girls Bruna Cantanhede Gaglianone Olga Kishnyova Victoria Yakusheva Flamenco Batyr Annadurdyev Dmitry Dorokhov Ivan Filchev Anton Gaynutdinov Alexei Gaynutdinov Nikita Kapustin Victor Meshcherekov Apollinary Proskurnin Erick Swolkin Kamil Yangurazov Conductor Pavel Sorokin
  6. Sorry, I couldn’t find an English copy! SAISON 2019 2020 Ballet du Bolchoï 19/20 information link: https://www.pathelive.com/programme/ballet-du-bolchoi-19-20 Pour célébrer cette 10ème saison anniversaire du Ballet du Bolchoï au cinéma, les Étoiles de la compagnie vous offriront des émotions intenses à travers les titres les plus populaires du répertoire. Des amours contrariées de Raymonda à l’aventure exotique du Corsaire, en passant par la magie festive de Casse-Noisette et la passion tragique de Roméo et Juliette, les plus belles histoires se danseront sur la scène du Bolchoï. Le Lac des Cygnes ne manquera pas de vous enchanter avec une nouvelle distribution en direct de Moscou. Retrouvez aussi l’incontournable Giselle dans une nouvelle production du chorégraphe phare Alexeï Ratmansky, ainsi que le scintillant Joyaux, la création de George Balanchine. Vivez le meilleur du ballet classique accessible au cinéma en direct de Moscou. Dimanche 27 OCTOBRE 2019 RAYMONDA En direct de Moscou Dimanche 17 NOVEMBRE 2019 LE CORSAIRE Filmé à Moscou Dimanche 15 DECEMBRE 2019 CASSE-NOISETTE Filmé à Moscou Dimanche 26 JANVIER 2020 GISELLE En direct de Moscou Dimanche 23 FEVRIER 2020 LE LAC DES CYGNES En direct de Moscou Dimanche 29 MARS 2020 ROMÉO ET JULIETTE Filmé à Moscou Dimanche 19 AVRIL 2020 JOYAUX En direct de Moscou
  7. Did Svetlana Zakharova leave Mariinsky for Bolshoi, when Vaziev was in charge? Andrei Merkuriev left Mariinsky for being invited by Radmansky, but not kicked by Vaziev, according to gramilano’s interview with Merkuriev few yeas ago - Andrey Merkuriev answers the Gramilano Questionnaire.
  8. Program of Opening Gala of the Third China International Ballet Season Kingdom of the Shades from La Bayadère Act II Performers: Zhang Jian (Prima Ballerina of National Ballet of China) Ma Xiaodong (Principal Dancer of National Ballet of China), Corps de ballet of the National Ballet of China Excerpts from Anna Karenina Performers: Liubov Andreyeva (Soloist of Saint Petersburg Eifman Ballet) Oleg Gabyshev (Soloist of Saint Petersburg Eifman Ballet) Les Enfants du Paradis Performers: Agnes Letestu (Étoile-Principal Dancer of Paris Opera Ballet) Audric Bezard (Premier Danseur of Paris Opera Ballet) White Swan pas de deux from Swan Lake Performers: Tan Yuanyuan (Principal Dancer of San Francisco Ballet) Tiit Helimets (Principal Dancer of San Francisco Ballet) Excerpts from Wonderland Performers: Adiarys Almeida Taras Domitro Romeo and Juliet pas de deux Performers: Elena Yevseyeva (Soloist of Mariinsky Theatre) Artem Ovcharenko (Principal Dancer of The Bolshoi Ballet) The Forth Chapter of The Yellow River Performers: Qiu Yunting (Principal Dancer of National Ballet of China) Ma Xiaodong (Principal Dancer of National Ballet of China), etc. Excerpts from The Crane Calling Act II Performers: Qiu Yunting (Principal Dancer of National Ballet of China) Guo Fengbai (Corps de Ballet Dancer of National Ballet of China) Black Swan pas de deux from Swan Lake Performers: Adiarys Almeida Taras Domitro Non rien de rien Performers: Agnes Letestu (Étoile-Principal Dancer of Paris Opera Ballet) Audric Bezard (Premier Danseur of Paris Opera Ballet) https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4529/37816416384_374a0275a3_c.jpg Diving into the Lilacs Performers: Tan Yuanyuan (Principal Dancer of San Francisco Ballet) Tiit Helimets (Principal Dancer of San Francisco Ballet) https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4525/38531929751_1b3ea97498_c.jpg Excerpts from Requiem Performers: Liubov Andreyeva (Soloist of Saint Petersburg Eifman Ballet) Oleg Gabyshev(Soloist of Saint Petersburg Eifman Ballet) Excerpts from Don Quixote Act Ⅲ Performers: Kitri:Elena Yevseyeva (Soloist of Mariinsky Theatre) Basilio:Artem Ovcharenko (Principal Dancer of The Bolshoi Ballet) Chief Bridesmaid:Qiu Yunting (Principal Dancer of National Ballet of China) Fandango:Lu Na (Principal Dancer of National Ballet of China) Li Ke (Soloist of National Ballet of China), etc. Corps de ballet of the National Ballet of China https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4564/38531933831_0f654c082d_b.jpg ☆ Information above from WeChat subscription account of National Ballet of China. ☆
  9. (A news story on China Daily about an international ballet festival in Beijing, China) The Third China International Ballet Season is now underway in Beijing, the Chinese capital. The opening gala at the Tianqiao Theater involved stars from several world famous ballet companies. (The detailed program info of open-evening gala would be posted in the following reply.) Dance stars from around the world gathered for the grand opening of China's international ballet season. Excerpts from a dozen classic repertoires were brought to the stage, including Swan Lake, Anna Karenina and The Yellow River. "We want to promote ballet through this international season and encourage more people to enjoy ballet. It's not a popular art, but I think it can help people to improve their artistic attainments. So we have the responsibility to bring this art to more people," said Wang Quanxing, deputy director of the National Ballet of China. The festival will be highlighted by a special session for Russian artists from Dec 1 to 3, and a joint performance presented by the 10 best Chinese ballet troupes on Dec 28. A special session《Love from Russia》for Russian artists led by Bolshoi Ballet prima ballerina Svetlana Zakharova Speaking at a news conference in Beijing on Tuesday, Feng Ying, director of the National Ballet of China, said the China International Ballet Season is aimed at "introducing the finest foreign ballet works to Chinese audience members", and at the same time, building a platform for international artists learning about China's dance scene. "Ballet art was born in the West. But the development of Chinese ballet has begun to impress the rest of the world, more than 60 years after it was introduced in China. It's because of efforts from people working in the industry, " Feng said. "The joint show [of Chinese artists] will help manifest the status quo of Chinese ballet." Feng Ying at news conference of the 3rd China International Ballet Season The Third China International Ballet Season also boasts a benefit dedicated to promoting the age-old art to more Chinese people with cheaper entry tickets and chances to interact face-to-face with ballet masters to learn about behind-the-scenes stories of script writing and choreography. The China International Ballet Season was initiated by the National Ballet of China and the Tianqiao Theater in 2013 and has been held biennially since then. It has so far attracted 57 troupes from 27 countries worldwide that have participated. 【References】 http://usa.chinadaily.com.cn/culture/2017-10/11/content_33115171.htm http://news.xinhuanet.com/city/2017-11/13/c_129739247.htm http://en.chinaculture.org/2017-11/15/content_1104381.htm 【Photos】 https://ent.chinadaily.com.cn/2017-11/14/content_34513093.htm
  10. Moreover, I have seen Krysanova dancing live in Swan Lake, Don Quixote, Spartacus, Etudes, The Bright Stream, Carmen Suite, Giselle, Jewels, La Sylphide, The Flames of Paris. But, I have never got the impression that she is "mechanical, dry, lacking nuance, no singing lines, and, like in the broadcast -- not filled with meaning." I think her performances are always with clear musical rhythm, full of inspiration. Her classical ballet technique is super. Although she is not that LADY-type of beauty, her body language can completely express the theatrical idea and sensibility of traditional and modern ballets. She is very beautiful on ballet stage. BTW, when I select a seat to watch ballet in a theater, I like to have one in front raw on the 2nd or 3rd floor, the view angle is between +/-60° from the center line. Maybe, you like to take a seat and watch differently? If Radmansky did choose Krysanova to dance as Medora, I could totally understand that. Krysanova is one of the best Radmansky dancers in the world, no doubt. Plus, I saw Stepanova dancing live in Etudes. She was hesitant and unsure, made some obvious missteps in fouette turns and the trio with Chino and Tissi, which cannot convince me that Stepanova could be a better Medora than Krysanova was.
  11. You can still see this ballet broadcasted live today, on Bolshoi Theater's video channel - http://media.bolshoi.ru/play/#/vod/play/309 , if you have missed watching it in theater. Today's performance of Le Corsaire was absolutely gorgeous! Not only everyone's dancing was well done, flawless, and their dramatic interpretation vivid. BTW, I went to a theater to see it.
  12. Wonderful post! That is very informative and educational. On YouTube I have seen complete Russian Seasons, The Bolt, and other Bolshoi ballets that have been broadcasting live in cinema. Some were deleted, but there are still different editions left.
  13. I saw Krysanova and Stepanova dancing live in Etudes. I thought pretty much the same as you said. Katya is a dancing virtuoso, one of my favorite ballet dancers. On stage she always looked very confident, open and show-off to tell story with her dancing. In Etudes she was as amazing and awesome as usual. Technically she was super and her performance inspirational. Stepanova was hesitant and unsure, made some manifest missteps in fouette turns and the trio with Chino and Tissi. She was excellent as The Queen of the Dryads in D.Q., though. Maybe, she would feel more comfortable to certain roles and recover her confidence. I also saw Alyona Kovalyova dancing in Etudes. She is a "Snow White" kind of beauty. She was good in Etudes. However, when Kovalyova stood on pointe toes, she was higher than Ovcharenko for over a head.
  14. Sorry for confusing you. I didn’t mean that. As discussed in this forum the casting of Medora, the first option is Smirnova, then second Krysanova. And you mentioned Stepanova, so I thought the final choice of Medora(dancer) may get input from the choreographer Ratmansky.
  15. Romeo and Juliet – Ballet Talk with Lindsay Fischer The National Ballet of Canada Very informative and edifying!
  16. The Login of Bolshoi website is different from Login of Bolshoi Booking tickets site, isn't it?
  17. Alena Kovaleva, Jacopo Tissi Diamonds Rehearsal World Ballet Day 2017 - Bolshoi (Duration: 18:26) This is the only segment of Bolshoi's WBD-2017 I have found so far in YouTube.
  18. https://youtu.be/mUXxc3mxbiY World Ballet Day 2017 - The Australian Ballet FULL LIVE STREAM (Duration: 5:01:18) Hosted by Chris Bath and Senior Artist Jarryd Madden, our World Ballet Day features rehearsals, behind-the-scenes footage, interviews and exclusive insights alongside features from La Trobe University's Gate Lab, The National Ballet of Japan, The National Ballet of China and Singapore Dance Theatre. The National Ballet of Japan (3:41:08-3:51:51) Singapor Dance Theater (4:07:25-4:17:35) The National Ballet of China (4:28:00-4:38:55)
  19. There is a piece of video on YouTube: "Ave Maria" – Ballerina Tatiana Osipova (Bolshoi Ballet Academy / Bolshoi Theater). She is absolutely amazing! https://youtu.be/Kyy4vO14ah4
  20. The second stop in National Ballet of China's touring of Germany is Hamburg. The following introduction of the National Ballet of China, program and casting list are from Hamburg Ballet's website. http://www.hamburgballett.de/en/spielplan/play.php?AuffNr=141852 ‣ The Crane Calling, Dancers: Wang Qiming, Ma Xiaodong ‣ Close Your Eyes When It Is Getting Dark, Dancers: Zhang Jian, Wang Qiming, Ma Xiaodong ‣ How Beautiful Is Heaven, Dancers: Sun Yali, She Zhaohuan ‣ Buddha Ji, Dancer: Wu Siming ‣ Sacrifice, Dancers: Xu Yan, Zhang Yao ‣ Yellow River, Leading Dancers: Zhang Jian, Sun Ruichen After the curtain calls, Master John Neumeier went up to the stage with happy smiling and rapturous applause. He said: "The performance is very successful! You could present such a different style of works in a party, that showed the new achievements of Chinese ballet art!" In the evening reception, Master John Neumeier talked about the long-time friendship and corporation between Hamburg Ballet and NB of China. He recalled the first visiting of Beijing, when Hamburg Ballet made the first show-up on China's stage, the Artistic Director Feng Ying and he decided to develop exchanging and corporation between the two ballet troupes. Since then, some Chinese dancers have been invited to participate in Nijinsky Gala. And in 2011 the whole troupe of NB of China came to Hamburg to present Chinese ballet Raise the Red Lantern, which is a ballet with enriched ethical color and Chinese characteristics.
  21. Last summer the National Ballet of China had a tour in Germany. They performed for audiences of Saar International Music Festival in Saarbrücken and the 43th Ballet Festival of Hamburg. In the evening of July 8 of 2017, the Chinese ballet troupe presented a series of short programs including classical and modern ballet, from western ballet to Chinese ballet, in Saarlandhalle. ‣ Grand Pas de Quatre - Wang Qimin, Cao Shuci, Xu Yan, Fang Mengying ‣ PDD in Don Quixote - Qiu Yunting, Ma Xiaodong ‣ L'Arlésienne - leading dancers Cao Shuci, Zhang Xi ‣ Silk Dance - ‣ Closing Eyes in Dark - ‣ The Yellow River - leading dancers Zhang Jian, Sun Ruichen Mr. Robert Leonardy, the Director of the Saar International Music Festival and a famous pianist, said after the show: the performance of National Ballet of China is exquisite. I am an artist, I felt proud to bring such wonderful program for audiences of Saar International Music Festival. The repertoire of ballet gala let us go through the history of Chinese ballet art, very exciting. Especially, the symphonic ballet "Yellow River" fourth movement had strong resonance for all the audience, because there is a section of the Saar River here, and also courageous people. The quality of whole performances of tonight were very high, so that the audience very touched. And it is extremely rare to have such scene in the previous music festivals before.
  22. I guess that the text script was written by the Art Director, or maybe, other managers in the theater, because there are only few people in China, besides ballet professionals, really know the history of National Ballet of China. I cannot be sure, since I have never got any response, when I try to contact with the theater. The English translation must be done by an outsider.
  23. I was surprised to find this video on YouTube. The video is edited with old footage recordings to introduce the achievements of The National Ballet of China. It is with English subtitles and narrations. They gave full tribute to the foreign ballet masters who have made tremendous contribution to train the Chinese dancers and develop ballets in China, who are Master Pyotr Gusev, Rudolf Nureyev, Natalia Makarova, Roland Petit, John Neumeier, and Manuel Legris who are the best friends of Chinese dancers. I feel little bit disappointed. They should have included some scenes of their daily classes to show Chinese ballet dancers' excellent classical ballet training.
  24. Casting and Credits for Premiere of Song of the Earth by the National Ballet of China Choreographer: John Neumeier Composers: Gustav Mahler (Song of the Earth), Antonin Dvorak (Spring and Fall) Artistic Director: Feng Ying Dancers: Song of the Earth: Cao Shuci, Sun Ruichen, Ma Xiaodong and Corps de Ballet Spring and Fall: Wang Qiming, Ma Xiaodong, Zheng Yu, Wang Jiyu and Corps de Ballet Conductor: Zhang Yi Tenor: Carlos Fidalgo Mezzo: Zhu Huiling Music: Symphony Orchestra of National Ballet of China Repetitors and Rehearsal Assistants: Agnès Letestu Zhu Yan Alison Sandgren Janusz Mazon Stage Supervisor: Qi Jinsong Stage Producer: Gong Xun Executive Lighting Design: Liu Zhao Costume: Yue Songshan Make Up: Xu Bin
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