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2014 International Ballet Festival

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I can't tell you anything about this, mussel, but I attended both nights and thought the performances to be excellent. Viktoria Tereshkina was especially fine and received a great response from the audience along with a string of curtain calls. Night two was also very successful with Xander Parish performing brilliantly and Alina Somova using her flexibility and magnificent long limbs to best advantage to reinforce the work's sense of otherworldly beauty.

Maybe this can help you, mussel.
Rough Google translation:
“Valery Fateev and. about. Head of the Kirov Ballet, choreographer, coach: "All modified: costumes, scenery largely correspond to sketches, because we used a more expensive fabrics for suits, brighter painting. You will see this in the second and in the third act. The performance was quite beautiful. I think it will be fabulous. "
(Валерий Фатеев, и. о. заведующего балетной труппой Мариинского театра, балетмейстер-репетитор: «Все доработано: и костюмы, и декорации во многом соответствуют эскизам, поскольку использовались более дорогие ткани для пошива костюмов, более яркая живопись. Вы увидите это и во втором, и в третьем акте. Спектакль получился достаточно красивый. Думаю, он будет сказочный».)
Подробнее на НТВ.Ru: http://www.ntv.ru/novosti/883718/#ixzz2y3HOQTTt
(thanks to Sophia at Dansomanie for finding this)
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I infer that this is from the closing gala of the festival--and, I think, very beautiful: Part and Matthews in Ratmansky's Seven Sonatas -

It's indeed from the closing gala, Drew, and was "very beautiful," as was Oxana Skorik, the best I've ever seen her.

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I'm not sure what's going on, but the video in post #9 is rotated 90 degrees on my screen -- it's a very interesting effect, but I have a feeling that's not how it's intended...

Go for the Fred Astaire effect, sandik, when he was filmed dancing on the ceiling (or so it seemed). She can be that enchanting anyway. I've just had a chance to watch several minutes of the video, as I'm in the middle of traveling, but as beautiful as the clip appears, to see her live on stage was way beyond even this.

There were many wonderful performances that night, but for me, one of the greatest that I've seen ever was Alina Somova's The Dying Swan. She did things that I've never seen her do quite like this before and it was Magnificent !

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MB posted pictures of Sylvia on its FB page, the set and costume appear to be the same as ABT/RB's:

I can comment as I was at the festival press conference. When asked if the Theatre intended to keep Silvia in the repertoire long term and/or if permission/rights had been paid in order to do so, Fateyev responded that they paid to have the sets and costumes done anew specifically for the Mariinsky and that unlike ABT which had borrowed theirs from the Royal Ballet, this 'set' of costumes/scenery is new and belongs to the Mariinsky and thus he hopes the ballet will remain in rotation for years to come.

He did not comment on how many years or any amounts paid or not paid.

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I was very gratefully able to see almost every performance this year.

Some Personal Highlights

Some year’s there is a Festival performance that I consider among the best that I’ve ever seen. These have included Ulyana Lopatkina’s Swan Lake and both Alina Cojocaru and Svetlana Zakharova’s Giselle. Other performances perhaps of this level were Viktoria Tereshkina, Yekaterina Kondaurova, Gillian Murphy and Olga Esina's Swan Lake, all of Alina Cojocaru's other four full length classics and Yekaterina Kondaurova’s performance of all the leads in George Balanchine’s Jewels trilogy last year.

This year there were Two unqualified ‘Greatest Performances’ —

Alina Somova’s ’The Swan’ (Fokine)

Diana Vishneva’s Woman In A Room (Carlson)

Alina Somova

’The Swan’ (Fokine) — Subtly and Remarkably Original. Flawlessly Presented and Compellingly Poetic.

La Bayadere — Beautifully performed and consistently fine throughout. The best I’ve seen her do until her ’Swan’ several days later.

She also did very well the second night in Sylvia, with a total of two full length works and one shorter one, making her perhaps the star artist this year. Last year Yekaterina Kondaurova seemed to be performing almost every night, to the extent that I was calling the Festival (to myself) The Yekaterina Kondaurova International Ballet Festival.

Diana Vishneva

Woman In A Room (Carlson) — Probably the finest ‘modern’ dance performance that I’ve ever seen. Her use of everything from standing still to the finest of ballet motion could make it a model for the expanding of lyrically beautiful dance into the entire range of theatrical expression.

Oxana Skorik

Swan Lake — The best that I’ve seen her do. Magnificent !

Anastasia Kolegova

Swan Lake — Precious and Charming ! A pure delight of a performance !

Hee Seo

Giselle — Poetically beautiful in her presentation and technically fine and highly enjoyable in her dancing.

Veronika Part

Seven Sonatas (Ratmansky) — Once again she created her own world of beautiful dance and compelling enchantment as only she can do. She’s among my several favorite ballerinas in the world today and one of its greatest. It was wonderful to finally see her here and I hope that it will happen again often.

Viktoria Tereshkina

Sylvia (Ashton) — Wonderfully crafted with the fineness of each nuance.

Kimin Kim

La Bayadere, Infra (McGregor) and Concerto DSCH (Ratmanksy) — He can switch from classical to modern with ease and equal proficiency. He’s a one of a kind artistic phenomenon of the highest order !

Xander Parish

Sylvia (Ashton) — He is Shakespearian in his presence and masculinely elegant in his motion.

Alexander Sergeyev

Symphony in C (Balanchine) — A finely crafted dancer with a subtle essence of nobility.

There are, of course, so many more outstanding artists and performances that deserve mention.

Once again, this was one of the finest overall Mariinsky Festivals that I’ve seen in ten years.

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I wish The Mariinsky would bring Sleeping Beauty to the USA.

I'm pretty sure the Mariinsky brought Sleeping Beauty to the Kennedy Center a few years ago. I have a definite recollection of seeing it there with Vishneva as Aurora and Kondaurova as Lilac.

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I wish The Mariinsky would bring Sleeping Beauty to the USA.

If you can, save up and go to St. Petersburg. There is absolutely nothing like seeing Sleeping Beauty in the Mariinsky Theatre (gorgeous theatre). When the fairies came out in the prologue to that music it practically brought tears to my eyes! Somehow the setting of the Mariinsky Theatre makes the experience even better like you've entered a fantasy world. However, it seems like they are only playing it at the Mariinsky 2 Theatre which is modern, so if they do not move it back to the historic theatre I guess seeing it in the U.S. is just as good.

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