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  1. Catherine


    I just wanted to offer a more accurate translation of that here bc (as a professional translator) I cannot stand Google Translate, and also I think the actual words will be more easy to understand: "Actually people criticize Oksana..." -"Who criticizes her? You may or may not like Oksana, just like any ballerina. But her appearance is unique, and to not use her would be a crime. Legs like hers are hard to find. In addition, she has depth, she has an internal world. We have to just give her time to develop. She is a born Odette - you can't escape that."
  2. Catherine


    Just wanted to answer Birdsall's question. No, the theatre is not looking for another director for the ballet troupe, nor will they. In fact, Vasiev's position was "Zavedushi" (head) of the ballet troupe, as was Vinogradov's. Fateyev's is "deputy head" but an interim or deputy director can be present for a very long "interim" and that is what everyone expects to happen. I was surprised at the Berkeley performances how much clout the American audiences give to the printed programs. In this case, the printed literature (at least at the Berkeley stop - I haven't seen LA or DC programs so cannot
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