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Alice Renavand named étoile

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Do people think Renavand was a good choice? Aside form a couple of YouTube videos, I've not seen much of anything showing her dancing. I can't remember seeing anything spectacular or suprising in those videos, but it wasn't much to go on.

Was this a much deserved promotion, or does it seem like the POB is rushing to fill vacancies?

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Alice Renavand is atypical. She is a real creative artist and has a very intelligent way of dancing and using of her qualities.

Most of the choreographers creating for POB wants her and despite she remained Sujet until 2012, she may have the longest list of creations of the company and solist roles in contemporary repertoire.

She’s up to me an essential artist in a large company which deserves a vast range of types of Etoiles.

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Indeed a well-deserved nomination. I was especially rooting for her as I thought she would be a terrific asset to the list of étoiles. To me, she definitely has that 'special aura' which truly defines an étoile. She's very elegant and next to that a classical, 'mysterious' beauty. I think she will be a breathtaking Nikiya.

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I agree that Alice Renevand is a most interesting dancer, she Is one of the future for new works and traditional ones as well, it is good she has been given the chance. All I hope is that she will be able to cope with the strains and stresses related to stardom

, and can enjoy her career.

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