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  1. I absolutely like her style. It's elegant, sophisticated and at the same time a bit flirtatious. It's still beyond me why she wasn't nominated as an étoile in Paris, so I think she made a wise decision to go to another company abroad. Luckily her bond with POB is alright, as she otherwise wouldn't be dancing for them in Japan.
  2. I've seen the video where she dances in the corps during the Kingdom of the Shades. I wouldn't say she outclassed the entire corps, but there just was something special about her.
  3. Well said and I couldn't agree more. The video from POB with La Bayadere is also one of the reasons I really have to see this Nureyev production live (my goal is next year in Paris!). I love the entrance; the slow beautiful music and the unison movements of all the dancers; just perfect. It truly reflects the hypnotizing, hallucinating effects of the opium pipe from Solor.
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