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  1. I absolutely like her style. It's elegant, sophisticated and at the same time a bit flirtatious. It's still beyond me why she wasn't nominated as an étoile in Paris, so I think she made a wise decision to go to another company abroad. Luckily her bond with POB is alright, as she otherwise wouldn't be dancing for them in Japan.
  2. I don't like it, it looks distracting and very inappropriate. For ballet, the body is a piece of art. Ulyana Lopatkina would't be the same as she danced the dying swan with a tattoo on her shoulder. I don't care if they have it, but they definitely should conceal it.
  3. There was such a terrific interview with her for College Tour on the Dutch public television: video link. What an inspiring young lady!
  4. Any retirements for this season? Although I'm not a big Swan Lake fan, the Nureyev production is simply breathtaking with the white acts. I suppose it will be performed in L'Opéra Bastille (haven't been there before). Perhaps I will give it a go
  5. I've seen the video where she dances in the corps during the Kingdom of the Shades. I wouldn't say she outclassed the entire corps, but there just was something special about her.
  6. Have a look at this video, where Darcey Bussell explains more about the pas de deux from the 2nd act in Swan Lake: video. It starts at the right moment, where she talks about the famous 'falling backwards'. For many, it seems easy to do, but it's very difficult for the ballerina and her partner.
  7. For me the most important part of SL is portraying the difference in character between Odette and Odile. Many ballerina's unfortuantely go overboard with a much to 'evil' and attacking Odile. I rather prefer a more subtle approach. Ofcourse Odile is very flirtuous, sensual and boosting confidence; for a ballerina these aspects are important to give us a showcase of her technique. The 32 fouettes are therefore (unfortunately) a part of it. Another big aspect of SL is the corps de ballet. The 2nd and 4th act have to show us what the company has to offer; the unison of movements, the synchronization and the entire stage filled with dancers as a living scenery. I've seen quite a lot of productions (unfortunately only on film) and the Nureyev version is one of my favourite; especially in the 4th act, truly poetry in motion. Have a look at this video: POB - Swan Lake (it already starts at the beginning of act 4). The variety and great changes in formations must be quite some work for the corps de ballet to study, but if they master it, it's simply breathtaking.
  8. Indeed a well-deserved nomination. I was especially rooting for her as I thought she would be a terrific asset to the list of étoiles. To me, she definitely has that 'special aura' which truly defines an étoile. She's very elegant and next to that a classical, 'mysterious' beauty. I think she will be a breathtaking Nikiya.
  9. Gala (September 7, 2013) Festive opening of the new season. Surprise programme Corps (September 11-29, 2013) Les Sylphides choreography: Michel Fokine music: Frédéric Chopin Corps choreography: Hans van Manen music: Alban Berg Le Corps DU BALLET – Dutch premiere choreography: Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten music and sound design: Sébastien Gaxie and Pieter C. Scholten musical accompaniment: Holland Symfonia, conducted by Matthew Rowe Stars/Corps (September 18-25, 2013) Theatre tour in The Netherlands, with: Les Sylphides (Michel Fokine) Corps (Hans van Manen) Variations for two couples (Hans van Manen) Tchaikovsky pas de deux (George Balanchine) Don Quixote (October 12 - 3 November 2013) choreography: Alexei Ratmansky Sleeping Beauty (December 12, 2013 - Januari 1, 2014) choreography: Marius Petipa producer and director: Sir Peter Wright New Moves (Februari 7-8, 2014) Showcase by young choreographers from Dutch National Ballet Fairytales (March 1-16, 2014) Firebird choreography: Alexei Ratmansky music: Igor Stravinsky The Dream choreography: Sir Frederick Ashton music: Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Dutch Doubles (April 16 - May 7, 2014) Four world premieres by: choreographer Hans van Manen / harpist Remy van Kesteren choreographer Jorma Elo / fashion designers Viktor & Rolf choreographer Ton Simons / photographer Rineke Dijkstra choreographer Juanjo Arqués / visual artist Krijn de Koning Ballerina (May 14-20, 2014) Paquita choreography: Marius Petipa, in an adaptation by Rachel Beaujean music: Ludwig Minkus, Edouard Deldevez, Adolphe Adam, Riccardo Drigo, Nikolai Tcherepnin and Yuli Gerber, in an arrangement by John Lanchbery In collaboration with pupils of the National Ballet Academy (Paquita) Various pas de deux by: Marius Petipa, George Balanchine (Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux), Hans van Manen (Trois Gnossiennes, Without Words) and Christopher Wheeldon (Duet) Dreams (May 21-31, 2014) Second theatre tour in The Netherlands, with: The Dream (Sir Frederick Ashton Paquita (Marius Petipa, adaptation by Rachel Beaujean) The Tempest (June 18-29, 2014) World premiere by: choreography: Krzysztof Pastor music: Henry Purcell, Thomas Tallis and other composers, and traditional Iranian music musical accompaniment: Holland Symfonia, conducted by Matthew Rowe
  10. Great video of Novikova. She reminds me somewhat of Larissa Lezhnina; same beautiful doll face, bubbly/charming personality on stage as Aurora and a radiant smile.
  11. Yes, thank you again On June 24th the tickets can be reserved. I'll definitely try to get a hold on one
  12. Silvermash: thank you so much for posting the new season and especially the exact farewell dates. So October 10th it is to see Agnès Letestu for the final time. My goal is to score a ticket.
  13. Thank you very much Silvermash. I hope when the time comes, you could shed some light of the casting list and when they will perform. Especially for Agnès Letestu: my ultimate goal is to see her one more time during her farewell performance. Surprised about Ciaravola; I always thought she was somewhere in her early 30s. Her retirement happens so soon, to me it feels like she just got recently promoted to étoile (2009 doesn't sound so long ago).
  14. I think we can already include Manon and La Dame aux Camelias (farewell performance for Aurélie Dupont and Agnès Letestu)
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