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I am surprised to like SJP's look - but 2 of the 3 would have been perfect. I probably would have left out the boots.

I liked January Jones' makeup, very in keeping with the punk theme. I don't think most of the Park Avenue grand dames went all out punk for this one, though.


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Really I thought most of the looks were embarrassing. Madonna worked it. So did Christina Ricci, who looked amazing. There were a few other nice ones.

This is the only photo of January Jones where she doesn't look atrocious. It is not good though. And none of my punk or goth acquaintances would own it.

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The punk look is not kind to the middle-aged, even those with surgical enhancements. Madonna came closest to pulling it off. Christina Ricci was a natural punk when she was still a preteen, so that's not surprising.

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Madonna is in her own skin in the look-(as well as the pseudo-goth, S/M, leather/dominatrix etc...). She's a child of the trend for real, and has been carrying it forever. Everybody else looked as in a costume. Debbie Harry and Vivienne Westwood, even at their age, carry it wonderfully too...




1991. "Girlie Show" tour


2001. "Drowned World Tour"


2012. "MDNA Tour"


Debbie Harry 2013


Vivienne Westwood 2013


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Madonna does seem like the one who got into the theme more than anyone and got it right. She put thought into it. The others were trying too hard to be "glamorous" and give a nod to "punk" if at all. But Madonna actually got it right.

The only time I was in London was in the 80s when I was 16 years old with punks all over King's Road. The majority of the people at the Met's gala would not have fit in at all....

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I agree about Madonna and punk -- she was one of the few I saw in the dress parade who looked like they knew what they were doing. I would have been curious to see Gwen Stefani there -- she seems to inhabit that aesthetic as well.

Outside the punk theme, I was most taken with Vanessa Redgrave and Joely Richardson (sorry, can't post a photo, but look here at image #120 of 143)

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