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Alas, not the '88 London film with the Kirov, which 'played it straight' -- a traditional 'White Swan pdd' performed by Makarova and Zaklinsky, with full corps de ballet as a lovely backdrop.

I remember & surely have the clip in question in my collection but cannot check. I'm recalling 'mid-1980s' - maybe one of those annual PBS 'gala of stars' hosted by Beverly Sills? Another possibility: the original VHS version of 'Natasha - a dance entertainment' (or similar title) that also included excerpts from 'On Your Toes'? I also remember that Makarova dances part of 'White Swan pdd' in the Margot Fonteyn 'Magic of Dance' series but without the comic chat. Alas, I'm nowhere close to my collection nowadays so cannot check the suggested titles but perhaps my ideas can provide 'clues' or shake someone else's memory?

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It's from the inaugural Erik Bruhn Prize in Toronto in 1988. I believe it was the only edition of the competition to be televised by the CBC.


Royal Danish Ballet - Rose Gad (winner) & Lloyd Riggins - La Sylphide pas de deux; Leaves Are Fading pas de deux

Royal Ballet - Viviana Durante & Errol Pickford (winner) - Don Quixote pas de deux; selections from MacMillan's The Four Seasons

ABT - Bonnie Moore & Wes Chapman - Sleeping Beauty grand pas de deux; balcony scene from MacMillan's Romeo & Juliet

National Ballet of Canada - Martine Lamy & Owen Montague - Black Swan pas de deux (Bruhn redaction); "Balloon Head" solo from Robert Desrosier's Blue Snake, solo from Tetley's The Rite of Spring

Jury: Monica Mason, John Taras, Frank Andersen, Valerie Wilder, Lynn Wallis

The event was hosted by Glen Tetley and Karen Kain, who had just miscarried, though this was not yet public knowledge.

Makarova was part of the entertainment during jury deliberations. A performance of Voluntaries by the National Ballet of Canada was not televised.

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