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arriving Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo leading dancers

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publicity photo, captioned: "Ballet Russe Gals"

dated for publication? May 15, 1949

as noted the line up is, left to right:

Krassovska (misspelled 'Krasonska'), Slavenska, Theilande, Markova, Danilova and Toumanova.



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Wow...three Russians-(Toumanova, Krassovska, Danilova), one British-(Markova), Austrian-Hungarian Empire-(Slavenska) and Indonesia-(Theilade). Talk about an international "All Stars" troupe...! clapping.gif .I can't decide who was more beautiful, Toumanova or Krassovska...

I showed the pic to my husband - he immediately focused on Toumanova and thought she was, in his words, 'a stunner'.

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I agree with your husband, AlbanyGirl. Toumanova is a real beauty. So many photos reveal this. We also have comments from admirers at the time, many of whom were by no stretch of the imagination balletomanes. wink1.gif

Danilova certainly knew how to make the most of her photographic opportunities. She knew how to shine for a camera, even in later life, just as she knew how to make an impression when entering a room. Sometimes it seems that she is achieving this by sheer willpower.

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