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  1. Oh, how soothing and just plain nice that must have been! The rustling of fabric, the clopping of hooves, the ambient noise...lovely. On a far less happy occasion (Princess Diana's funeral), a similar type of coverage was available on C-SPAN. It gives one's mind and emotions the opportunity to synchronize.
  2. Yes! Absoutely. Agree completely. I had the TV on mute until the actual ceremony was underway, just so that I could "enjoy my own thoughts" (excellent way of putting it, GoCoyote) and not have some media interpretation layered over the moment.
  3. So did I! Who let them out of the house like that? I thought Kate looked lovely and behaved with grace, inhabiting the role of princess bride with authority and calm (at times her expression reminded me of the cat that ate the canary). She actually looked happy instead of frightened, like poor Diana. I like her. But...I wish she'd had a proper makeup artist. She is radiant and fresh-faced ordinarily, but she made herself up to look so hard. I suspect it was a nod to stagecraft, and that she thought her features should be emphasized behind the veil, but (for me) it was the only off note in the
  4. Yes, indeed. Burton's performance is simply brilliant. The fact that Taylor gave a better performance in "Virginia Woolf" than anyone expected was sufficient to ensure her an Oscar, perhaps as much out of surprise as anything else; Burton didn't win that year, owing (I suspect) to the simultaneous fascination and antipathy of the public - reflected by the Academy - toward the Burtons as a couple. One of them had to lose. Taylor's improvement - sparked by the sheer novelty of seeing her in that role - was singled out for accolades, while Burton was punished for the sacrifice such a feat require
  5. I share your sentiments entirely, dirac. Taylor's acting usually made me cringe, but one couldn't take one's eyes off her - and when I read the news of her death this morning, one of my first thoughts was: How much more beauty can this world stand to lose? She was molded by a system that stacked the deck against her in many ways, but still one had the sense that a certain authenticity, kindness and wish to serve coexisted with excess. I will miss her, and I hope that she is reunited with Richard Burton, Mike Todd, Montgomery Clift, and the many other souls whose loss she endured over the cours
  6. Those clips are absolutely thrilling. I hope a lot of people get to appreciate them before they are taken down. Thanks so much.
  7. Thank you for explaining, Helene. That is a good way to keep the crisp, clean look of the forum. Since I saw the photo option on my settings page, I figured there must be something I wasn't understanding - glad to know what's what. Thanks again.
  8. Please forgive me if my eyes have skipped right past this issue on my search of the site - I did try to find the answer on my own, but sometimes my opacity is astonishing! I am just wondering why I cannot see members' avatars - I'm thinking that this might be due to my being such a new member, with very few posts, but thought I'd check to be sure. I tried to upload a photo to my profile, but it didn't "stick." Thank you!
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