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  1. So nice to see those videos. I, too, wish him a very happy birthday.
  2. Marvelous! Thank you so much for these. Happy July 4th to you, too, and to all fellow members who observe this day!
  3. I, too, find the PBS website cumbersome and hard to negotiate. Here's a page that will take you to the zip codes of any state and city: http://www.50states.com/zipcodes/#.U3lFaMZtdL9 Large cities like Buffalo, Boston and Seattle have several zip codes, but my guess is that any of them would work for this purpose. Hope so, anyway!
  4. Hi Helene, I've visited the site a couple of times today and everything seems to be running smooth as silk on my Mac (Safari v.6.1.3). Thank you!
  5. Thank you for everything you do to keep things running smoothly.
  6. I'm so glad the DVD has a release date. Good suggestion about preordering it through the Amazon link here at BA!, Jack.
  7. Thank you, California, that is very helpful. I initially read about the Agon/therapy/choreography connection in either an online review of the film or interview with Nancy Buirski, but darned if I can find the source now! From a different angle, there's a review of the film that refers to Balanchine creating movements for Tanny to use as part of her Pilates-based therapy. Consumed as he was by the desire to rehabilitate her, it would be surprising (to me, anyway) if that drive didn't find expression in specific choreography (as Croce suggests, above). Here's a link to the review: http://m.theepochtimes.com/n3/305291-afternoon-of-a-faun-movie-review/ Edited to add: I just saw sandik's post - good to know it's discussed in the film.
  8. Honest and zestful - great perspective, thank you for that link!
  9. Thank you, that is glorious! Those costumes and the set, too - wonderful.
  10. Weird. I use Safari exclusively and had many flash-and-disappear issues until I upgraded to Mountain Lion (on a MacBook purchased in 2013), but clearly that's not relevant here, since forum members using Safari are not affected. Good time for the head-banging icon, for sure.
  11. I had a mega-senior moment when I wrote my last post and have since amended it - I meant to reference Mac OS 8 and OS 10 (not 4 and 8). Like you, sandik, I don't have any flash-and-disappear issues running OS 10 - whereas it was happening all the time with OS 8. If users of Ballet Alert are experiencing the problem despite having up-to-date system software (either Mac or Windows), then operating system issues might indeed not be germane.
  12. This might be completely unrelated and I don't mean to muddy the waters, but I was having this flash-and-disappear problem on many, many sites (especially shopping and tracking pages) prior to upgrading my system software from Mac OS 8 to OS 10. A tech told me that the problem involved extensions and plug-ins utilized in upgrades to those sites' software, and my older system's inability to cope with the changes. So maybe there isn't a problem with the forum's base software, per se (in that it runs fine from the coding perspective), but how it's interacting with users' existing operating systems or browser versions. Just a thought…might well be wrong!
  13. Thank you so much for the link, Alexandra. This is a wonderful way to honor Carley. What a lovely photo of her, too…she looks very much as I'd pictured her. Though we never met, her initial emails when I registered here, and her posts on the forum, painted a distinct picture of someone strong, kind, vibrant.
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