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  1. Hello All, I have an autograph book from a family-run hotel/inn that was signed by many performers at West End Theaters from 1951-1955 who stayed at the inn/hotel. I'm trying to find more information and locate which inn this autograph book came from. From the inscriptions, it was referred to as "83" and was run by Mr. and Mrs. Clough and Ruth, Billy, and Greta. Address was possibly 1183... Autographs include dancers from the Sadler's Wells Theatre Ballet, Ballet Comique, International Ballet Orchestra, and musical productions that ran at Her Majesty's Theatre, the Saville, the Old Vic and the New Theatre Oxford. Ann Parson signed the book, if anyone knows her whereabouts. Hoping someone recognizes this family's name and inn. Would love to put together the missing pieces of where this fantastic autograph book came from. Thanks!
  2. Hello Mashamelnikova, Please contact me at ailinadancearchives@yahoo.com. We would be interested in the Nureyev Diploma if you are still looking to find a new home for it. Best, Ailina
  3. New York Times Obituary link as of this morning: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/08/05/arts/dance/paul-szilard-dance-impresario-dies-at-100.html?ref=obituaries
  4. It is with a very sad heart that I post on Ballet Alert that the great Impresario Paul Szilard passed away on Friday July 26, 2013 in New York City. He was 100 years old. I hope the NY Times will also recognize this accomplished and dedicated man who was a key figure in many very important world wide tours. Personally, Mr. Szilard was one of the first to believe in my endeavor to start the Ailina Dance Archives and graciously donated photographs and music scores from his collection. Although our conversations were kept short, I cherished every second that I was able to spend with him. He will be greatly missed. Although, I know Mr. Szilard will continue to keep a watchful eye on the dance scene from the best view in the universe. At this link, you can view two of the rare photographs donated by Mr. Szilard from his own personal collection. http://www.ailinadancearchives.com/recent-gems.html Dance Europe obituary: http://www.danceeurope.net/article/paul-szilard-1912-2013 Link to his website page: http://www.paulszilard.com/bio.html
  5. 2013 is starting to be a very sad year with the loss of Maria Tallchief and now Frederic Franklin's passing last night. Freddie filled his 98 years with dance and his charisma and smile will sincerely be missed. I loved spotting him in the audience or onstage at ABT in the past few years. There was always a flurry of excitement around him as he told his fantastic ballet stories. Being a young balletomane who absolutely adored him, I was so enamored when he would chat with me and happily agreeded to autograph a photo or two as well. Miss you already Freddie. ~A
  6. I'm surprised the boat didn't sink considering how much talent was aboard !
  7. What an interesting subject to write about. I, too, look forward to reading the final product, I loved the book of photos on his home, The Elephant House, and would love to read about the stories behind the mementos he kept and the people he met!
  8. Congratulations to Natalia for such a prestigious award! Her years of hardwork and dedication continue to be recognized by not just the ballet world!
  9. Hello Ballet Talk Community! Since this is a new endeavor and I am new to Ballet Talk, it's my pleasure to introduce to you the Ailina Dance Archives! The Ailina Dance Archives is dedicated to commemorating the history, legacy, and future of dancers and dance history by actively documenting, preserving, and curating dance memorabilia. Ballet Talk has an abundance of information and noteworthy discussions, and I hope to join your discussions by adding some archival and historical insights every so often! I, Ailina Rose, am the proud creator of the Ailina Dance Archives. What started out as collecting memorabilia for the sake of personal passion has now grown into an Archive and small business dedicated to preserving all types of dance. I am available for hire to archive and preserve private collections and estates and as a personal researcher and archivist. Please contact me if you are interested in donating items or would like help with archival research for your publication or project. The archive is currently looking for new acquisitions and clients. Please visit the website at www.ailinadancearchives.com to find out more about the collection and services. Thank you for your support and I look forward to joining your insightful conversations on Ballet Talk, AilinaRose Ailina Dance Archives New York, NY 10023 www.ailinadancearchives.com
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