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Halberg Bolshoi debut to be screened in theaters

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Teri McCollum has posted this on her website Odette's Ordeal:

BIG (Bolshoi!) Ballet News: Most of us will be able to see David Hallberg's debut with the Bolshoi on Sunday 11/20 simulcast LIVE and in HD! As the 1st U.S. dancer to join the Bolshoi as a Principal dancer, David's debut in 'The Sleeping Beauty' will be aired in select cinemas nationwide as part of Emerging Pictures' 'Ballet in Cinema' series! 100's of screens have been added to the nearly 300 screens that are already part of the Emerging Pictures Network. Mark your calendars!

Here's the Press Release:




Odette's Ordeal-A Site for Sore Swans & Serious Ballet Fans in San Francisco

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The Bolshoi website now shows detailed casting for that November 20th performance. Kapsova & Ovcharenko in Bluebird pdd sounds fantastic. We even get Olga Smirnova as one of Aurora's maids of honor...but not her Lilac Fairy, which debuts a couple of days later.


20.11.2011 19:00

Main Stage

King Florestan XIV

Andrei Sitnikov

The Queen

Kristina Karasyova

Princess Aurora

Svetlana Zakharova

Prince Desire

David Hallberg


Alexei Loparevich

Foreign Princes seeking Aurora's hand in marriage

Karim Abdullin

Pavel Dmitrichenko

Vladislav Lantratov

Maids of Honour

Daria Bochkova

Yulia Grebenshchikova

Yulia Lunkina

Olga Marchenkova

Svetlana Pavlova

Maria Prorvich

Olga Smirnova

Angelina Vlashinets

Pages of Lilac Fairy's Suite

Batyr Annadurdyev

Maxim Oppengeym

Denis Rodkin

Alexander Vodopetov

Klim Yefimov

Dmitry Yefremov


Olga Suvorova

Galifron, the tutor

Yegor Simachev

Peasant Dance

Anna Antropova

Alexander Vodopetov

Evil Fairy Carabosse

Denis Savin

Lilac Fairy

Maria Allash

Fairies of Kindness:

Tenderness (Candid)

Daria Khokhlova



Chinara Alizade


(Breadcrumb scattering Fairy)

Xenia Kern


(Twittering canary)

Anastasia Stashkevich



Yelena Andrienko

Fairy of Jewels:

of Diamonds

Anna Leonova

of Sapphires

Yanina Parienko

of Gold

Maria Vinogradova

of Silver

Anna Tikhomirova

Fairy Tales Characters:

White Pussycat

Yulia Lunkina

Puss in Boots

Igor Tsvirko

Princess Florine

Nina Kaptsova

Blue Bird

Artem Ovcharenko

Little Red Riding Hood

Anastasia Stashkevich

Grey Wolf

Alexei Koryagin


Daria Khokhlova

Prince Fortune

Karim Abdullin

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Great news--I'm excited to see this, I do like some aspects of Grigorovich's production a lot (and love that they include the Cinderella number), and Virsaladze's designs have badly dated (I prefer his for the old Kirov production much more than the more abstract Bolshoi ones)--so I'm curious to see the new design. Though it's too bad they didn't decide to get the oMariinsky reconstruction...

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...so I'm curious to see the new design. ...

Hey, Eric, I'll let you in on a little secret. You most likely HAVE seen the so-called 'new' Bolshoi designs already. They are simply the POB's rococco-ish designs from the late 1990s! The same designs that La Scala borrowed in 2000.

They are lovely but they are not new. :)

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Reminder that:

1 - this production premieres today at the Bolshoi (!) w/ Zakharova/Hallberg (YouTubes and/or forum reports will undoubtedly pop up in a few hours...I give about 6 hrs from now...which would be midnight Moscow time)

2 - the same cast will repeat on Sunday for the Live-in-Cinemas performance around the globe (10am EST in Eastern US)

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The early post-premiere 'chatter' on the Russian-lang fora especially praise Hallberg.

As we await YouTubes of tonight's performance, here are clips from the dress rehearsal two days ago:

Prologue Fairies' entree:

Aurora's A1 Entree and Rose Adagio (having a baby didn't hurt those extensions!):

I'm not quite lovin' that floor covering of navy & gold. Maybe it will look 'toned down' with actual performance lighting.

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I'm not quite lovin' that floor covering of navy & gold. Maybe it will look 'toned down' with actual performance lighting.

Hopefully, the lighing will be better. This production design is very, very lush and at the same time it's very busy. IMO the floor should be blank, so that the patterns and pointe work of the choreography can be clearly seen. This "floor plan" might be problematic for audience members who are seated in the tiers. Fortunately, it's something that can be corrected - if there's a demand for it.
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Prologue Fairies' entree:

Where's that iconic step of the fairies when they take a pose lining up front semi-seated on the floor with one leg extended to the front at unison, torso slightly bended to the back...? That seems to be untouched in every staging of SB I've seen, but it's gone here...Instead they do a triple sequence of tour jetes and then a little pose standing up.dunno.gif Also not crazy about the floor pattern at all and all the feathers business. It looks too much Rio-Carnaval like. Then, what's up with baby Aurora's nurses....? Are they supposed to be nurses of courtiers...? Why are they seated...? They usually stand up, hence telling us about their position as royal servants, but not here either.

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I'm glad to know the dancers will be wearing wigs otherwise I would have been a little taken aback when viewing tomorrow. Can't say I'm a fan of the wig look - it always looks to me as if their heads are covered with whipped cream. Is this a particularly Russian style - or maybe European?

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