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  1. Just to respond to Birdsall's original thread, if you shouldn't be posting anything, I'm not sure a forum member like me should be doing then. So where's the freedom of speech?
  2. kbarber, indeed, only if they would start the performances earlier. Movies starts at 6:30pm, 7pm, no one seems to have trouble showing up on time, I found it rather inconvenient when the show starts at 8pm. I got my season subscription nonetheless, if you decide to go to the Houston Ballet, message me, I can exchange my ticket to any date or seat available. By the way, I don't find any live broadcast performance available from Emerging Pictures in Ottawa or Toronto area yet, where did you find the information above?
  3. Don't mean to be the "correction police" but I just checked Bytowne's website, the documentary is playing from Aug 17-23 instead.
  4. Hi theo, I also got the same link from the most recent ABT's Pointe of View newsletter. Not sure if that's the only place ABT gave out the link...
  5. Finally!! That sounds like I'll be busy for the upcoming season ;) Thanks for the info. p.s. I could really have a ballet buddy, I'm in Ottawa though...
  6. I can't help but jumping into this discussion. I personally don't like how ballet, ballet companies and dancers are presented in the reality shows. I understand you need drama to keep the shows going, and I do feel that it's a positive thing to see ballet on the mainstream media outlet more often nowadays. I just don't like the fact that it's gearing toward to the gossip side of things, when at times (most of time if you ask me) it is completely irrelevant from the art itself and the essence is lost. On one side, yes, the ballet world is open up to the general public in a broader way, that's
  7. Drew, I couldn't agree more. The mercedes' variations are absolutely gorgeous. Helene and Natalia, thanks. I tried my best with my limited knowledge.
  8. OK, I hope I don't bore anyone, it is longer than I thought I would write. I considered myself lucky. Last year, I saw the Mariinsky; this year, I saw the Bolshoi. Live. I have been seeing Bolshoi’s productions for several times this year, thanks to the live streaming broadcast, but never up close and personal in a theatre. I didn’t see it as an option when the new dance season was announced in April 2011, with a colorful poster of Zakharova in Kitri’s costume completely filled the cover page of the season subscription booklet and inserts of Osipova and Vasiliev. (Is there a chance I could s
  9. Here is the full cast detail from the program: Cast page 1 Cast page 2 I will post my review on the three performances as soon as I finish my write up.
  10. Helene, I saw these three: The original cast remained mostly unchanged from the website except: 1. On the program there were three dancers sharing the role of the Street Dancer for Act I - Anna Okuneva (23, 25), Anastasia Meskova (24, 26 mat), and Anna Leonova (26 eve). 2. Leonova was replaced at the last minute by Okuneva on 26 eve. performance. I will write a little review on these performances later on, but please don't mind me as I'm not the most technical writer.
  11. Bolshoi is here! Here is some rehearsal pictures with a video from Ottawa Citizen.
  12. Natalia, I can't give any detail here since I didn't attend but my boss did. According to her, the theatre was only half full at the performance she went to. "Unbelievable precision" was her impression. I'll be going to see the Don Q on Friday (evening) and Sat (matinee and evening) in Ottawa. The opening and second evenings are sold out here, just a few single seats left at the top balcony level.
  13. The dance school I went to when I was a teen, we had good and gentle teachers, but there were also the cruel and rude ones. I remember hearing stories from other students about how the school principal was the worst among them. Verbally abusive language sometimes could be heard, that was just the "norm". Physical punishment was observed at times however. We used to have this wooden pool cue sitting in the corner of the classroom, and some teachers liked to use it to count, the principal liked to use it as a "weapon". I never experienced any physical discipline myself as a student, but I have s
  14. Marga, you gave such a wonderful review! The theatre I went to was only half full (The Sleeping Beauty I saw last was about 75% full). I don't know about other people, but I enjoyed it. It was better than I expected. I found this version is more "cohesive" on the story line and how the characters relate to one another. The garden scene with all the ladies in white tutu was spectacular. Did anyone keep count on how many costumes between Svetlana Lunkina and Nina Kaptsova?
  15. I saw your thread but couldn't reply because I didn't get a chance to see the performance. However, since they just announced that they would tour Ottawa next year, I'm definitely going! (So easy to get my subscription money...)
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