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  1. MakarovaFan, the clip was from innopac but yes, Ms. Obraztsova is truely moving.
  2. Don't understand a damn word of Russian but her Juliet made me cry!
  3. I wasn't going to get up 3am in the morning to watch it live and I knew there had to be re-run. I was right and it went beyond that...it was literally no escape of the wedding as soon as I turned on the TV, on every single channel. But the best place to watch it was actually on youtube, at TheRoyalChannel. Their reboardcasting has no commentator. Just simply letting the whole event speak for itself from start to finish without missing a beat, like watching a live ballet performance
  4. I have just stumbled upon an interview of Mr. Hallberg (p30 - p38) from the Arabesque magazine (The periodical Magazine of the Ballet of Tbilisi Opera & Ballet Theatre) Arabesque Issue 15 of 2010
  5. Very interesting timing on this post, I've been lately watching all the clips of Hallberg I can find on youtube. His performance of The Dance of the Blessed Spirits in Ukraine just left me speechless.
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