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Chuck Askegard

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I was very intrigued by "Episodes." While I watched, I kept repeating to myself Balanchine's directive to "see the music." However, the dance did not reflect the danger expressed by the music. Several interpretations arise from this. One could conclude that black and white positions eliminate any threat. Alternatively, rigid, polar viewpoints may obscure danger. I remember being surprised by the music of the final movement, and would like to see the choreography of this movement again, to assess the resolution of the piece.

I did not expect to enjoy "Western Symphony," but found it more appealing than I anticipated, even though it is not my style. Did I see references to "Giselle" and "Sylvia" in the second movement, or am I seeing things?

"Diamonds", of course, was beautiful. I found Maria's extensions distracting, however. Are her legs supposed to create straight lines or circles in the air? I did not expect the curves or think that they fit the theme.

The seminar on Tchaikovsky was very informative. I particularly loved the discussion of and demonstration of "Serenade" and cannot wait to see it in full. Suki is a wonderful teacher.

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Askegard will be performing with the Staten Island Ballet in its Nutcracker.

Founding director Ellen Tharp has booked guest artists on occasion, but she hadn’t considered trying to hire Askegard for the 2011 “Nutcracker,” Staten Island Ballet’s 18th. “It just happened,” she said last week.

The company’s regular cavalier, Vitaly Krauschenko, was unavailable. His Sugar Plum of the past few years, Miss Liceica (herself a former American Ballet Theatre soloist), knew Askegard and proposed him as a replacement.

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It might be worth pointing out that, like Askegard, Anna Liceica was a member of both ABT and NYCB. She, however, traveled in the opposite direction, starting her career at NYCB and moving to ABT, where her rank was elevated.

Yep. I went to Sab with Anna. What a sweet girl. I always thought she had an ABT quality, same with Paloma.

BTW, my screen name is Thomas More but I am a girl.happy.png

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