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  1. I saw "Birdman" and came away totally confused and not much of a fan. Googled it, saw it again with the plot now understandable, and found a sensational movie! Ya' gotta love Google.
  2. I'm not laughing about the new La Sylphide; I'm laughing at your reaction to it!
  3. I got a full refund for the cancelled ballet. Called SCFTA and was told I could hold the money in my account or have a full refund. When I asked for the refund I was given options on how the money could be refunded, and I had no trouble having it crdited to my credit card account.
  4. Both film clips are amazing! Such grace, strength, control.
  5. I'm with ksk04. Just got back from the Sat. night performance and I'm thunderstruck. We don't get a chance to see these dancers, also Veshneva when she came a while back, so we go to these performance looking forward to seeing their classical abilities and we get this instead.
  6. Thanks for the positive review. I leave tomorrow for London and will see "Lest ...." Friday.
  7. Saw Les Ballets de Monte Carlo's Swan Lake Saturday night. (Left my program there so I don't know much about who I saw.) For me, the beginning 20 minutes or so were boring and they were losing me. Then, THEN, Maude Sobourin came on as Her Majesty of the Night (sort of a Rothbart; a role usually danced by Maillot's wife) with her two Archangels (I think that's what they were called). This was an amazing piece of choreography and dancing. Three evil, slithering, sexy bodies menacelingly intertwining and interlocking with each other as they danced, Her Magesty with a smile on her face as she enjoyed the javoc she was creating. To me they were so mesmerizing that I couldn't take my eyes off of Sobourin for the rest of the ballet. From then on I enjoyed the ballet. The choreography is classican but slightly contemporary and it works. The corps was ditzy and clever with unusual unswany moves. The pas de deux between the prince and the white swan was wonderful, and so different from what one is used to: not the emotional performance by Odette as tells her story, but two young people who are discovering that they're in love, full of glee and surprise. Cut out those first 20 minutes and you've got something!
  8. I'll take the scan; thanks SO much. Thanks also for the info you did send. Couldn't get on the Register's site.
  9. Tonight (Friday, March 8) I attended Les Ballets de Monte Carlo in Costa Mesa and forgot to bring home a cast list (actually forgot to bring home the whole program). Does anyone have one for tonight that they can post or mail to me? If you need an email or snail mail address let me know. Perhaps the cast is listed somewhere online? What I want to know most is: who danced the part of the "female Rothbart" (don't have my program; don't know the name)? It was not Maillot's wife, and who ever she was was sensational! Thanks in advance.
  10. Saw Liliom twice at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts. Didn't care much for it the first time so I went home and read everything I could find about it online. Loved it the second time! Anyone else see it?
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