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Jennifer Alexander

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When someone has touched your heart, even if you'd never met, there is such a sadness in losing her.

I treasure the memory of Jennifer's Hermia in the Ashton Dream. She was always wonderful, whatever she danced, but her Hermia was an almost impossible combination of funny and touching, hilarious and heartbreaking.


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My sincere condolences.

Just a few hours before Jennifer's fatal crash, I drove the same road in the opposite direction. I was very relieved to get home as it was a very dangerous evening for driving. So sad that Jennifer and others did not get home that night.

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..... Still, I just kept thinking :" The last thing Jennifer did on this earth before departing was making many children and families happy at her last "Nutcracker" performance".

RIP Jennifer Alexander :blink:

As the latest news reports explain, Jennifer was not dancing in the Nutcracker. Her husband and Nicole were the guest stars.

Quote from the New York Times (see today's links for URL) :

Mr. Bragado-Young had played the Nutcracker Prince at Williamsport for four years; Ms. Graniero the Sugar Plum Fairy for two. Ms. Alexander was there because she and her husband were inseparable, friends said.

Calgary Sun (also in today's links):

"He was dancing and Jen was there as support."

This tragedy has not left my consciousness since we all heard the news. I did not know Jennifer personally either, but as a mother with a child her age, I share the grief of her parents, who, we learn through Jennifer's sibling's beautiful post, have already lost one child, Jennifer's brother. That it is the Christmas season makes Jennifer's death even more devastating as we think of her family going through the holiday without her, and of Julio Bragado-Young not having his first Christmas with his beloved new wife. My heart is with her parents and sibling as they go through the next few days of necessary heartbreaking tasks. My whole family is with Jennifer's loved ones at this time, in thought and in prayer. God bless you all.

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I just want to offer my condolences to Jennifer's husband, family and all who knew her. For ballet fans like myself, who were not fortunate enough to meet her, I can only say that she was a pleasure to watch on the stage. Dancers and people like Jennifer add real depth and life to a ballet company.

What a wonderful tribute Susan Jones added to The Winger site.

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Dear homesteadlite

Thank you for your kind words to all of us who feel but cannot express. I am posting again to say that I too lost a brother, suddenly, and at the time there was an organization--which ironically was just promoted in a recent "Dear Abby" column--called "Compassionate Friends". It was originally created for parents who had lost a child in whatever manner, but there was a section for siblings as well. It was good to talk to people in a similar circumstance at the time. I hope they or others' concern may comfort you, your family, Julio and his family, and all touched by your sister.

With deepest sympathy,


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Dear Homesteadlite,

Your sister was a kind and gentle woman.

During December 2001, my son was 12 and on tour with SAB for the Nutcracker. I was the necessary tag-along mother. Your sister was one of the first to welcome me to the tour and took time out to talk to me and my son. It was a pleasure getting to know her on the tour. I remember thinking how surprised it was that she went from Broadway to ABT (in those days, I didn't know that some dancers did that) and what an elegant woman she was.

My heart goes out to you and your family.

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Thank you all for your very kind words about my little sister, Jenny. I will be sure to let Julio know you are pulling for his full recovery.

Jenny has loved dancing since she was a squirrel in a pageant at age 3... she sure came a long way, didn't she?!

We appreciate your kind thoughts and prayers at this time. As a few people have said, she is dancing in the golden clouds now, and has our brother Jonathan with her too.

The show must go on - but please do remember her joy.

I am so sorry for your loss. My son performed with Julio in The Dream at the MET back in May. He has a photo of himself with a smiling Julio on his dresser which was taken after one of the performances. I have not told him what happened to your sister and Julio yet, as he is young and would be quite upset, but please accept our condolences. We are praying for Julio's full recovery.

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