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2007-8 Ballet Calendar Is Up!


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We've launched the 2007-8 Ballet Calendar. You can find it here or by clicking the "Calendar" option from the top right toolbar at the top of the screen.

By selecting any entry, you'll find details about the programs, dates and times, and ticket information, where these were available when we posted to the Calendar.

We will continue to add events/performances as they are announced, like NYCB and ABT Spring/Summer seasons.

(If you find any errors as you browse, I'd appreciate it very much if you would send me a PM or an email through the "Contact Us" link from the top right toolbar.)

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Most of the companies listed are major international or regional companies, although not all are listed, or for the entire season. For example, the Bolshoi only lists through November on their website, and I can't find an English-language version of the Mariinsky schedule. If there is a training academy associated with any of the companies which has a graduation/annual student performance, we'll list it.

What aren't listed are

1. Training and semi-professional companies, which consist mainly of students, with or without guest professionals

2. Nutcracker, unless it's part of the general rep and out-of-season. There are just too many performances, and Nutcracker is too important to the annual budgets of most companies to inadvertently leave anyone out.

3. Any company that doesn't have a website that makes it possible for us to get the information reasonably.

4. All producers/dance series. If there is a tour, we expect to find it on the main company's site.

If you have a suggestion, please PM me or send email to the "Contact Us" link, and we'll consider adding it.

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